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Have you ever imagined a company with no hierarchy, with no strict structure, with transparent salaries, with people who oneself decide on how many hours they want to work and how much they want to earn…? Have you desired to run a company, just following your intuition…? Sounds not realistic? Meet BJÖRN LUNDÉN who founded a company, which is run by the employees themselves with a continuous success! Welcome to my podcast „From manager’s toolbox” and find a genuine way of working and advices what NOT TO DO to have happy people in your company which not only is a pleasant place to work, but also makes continuous profit!

This podcast answers following questions:

  • Is it a realistic story to run a company, where all decisions are made by employees themselves?
  • Is that profitable to run a company with no bosses?
  • Is it worth to motivate employees?
  • How to find people who suit to such non-standard company?
  • What plays a key role in a self-organized company?

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