The First Step to Effective Leadership

The First Step to Effective Leadership ONLINE MEETING


Leading a Winning Team

The First Step to Effective Leadership

June 23rd 12:00 p.m. – this is the time for you to make the first step in your leadership career!


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Did you get a promotion and want to be well prepared for a new role? Do you plan to become a leader in the future? Or maybe you want to develop your leadership skills?

We invite you to participate in interactive online meeting „The First Step to Effective Leadership” led by Dawid Ostręga, who will teach you the basics of our Leading a Winning Team model and tell you how to build a successful team.

When? June 23rd 12:00 p.m.

Where? (Zoom)

Meeting formula: online meeting with active participation

We want to give you an opportunity to work with experienced mentor to fully develop your potential!

What will you learn?

  • What you may expect after getting promoted?
  • What skills should you develop as a young leader?
  • How to lead you team?
  • How to delegate tasks and motivate team?


… How to combine your potential with practice and become a great leader?

About the speaker: Dawid Ostręga – Leaders Island mentor.

Dawid is a manager with 20 years of experience gained in England, the USA and Poland. He has managed such firms as SKK S.A., EPAM System, IBM and SolarWinds. Dawid is also an American football player. He is oriented towards the achievement of goals through teamwork. As a captain of the University of Hertfordshire Hurricanes team, he won the championship of England twice. He combines the positions of chairman and trainer of the Krakow Kings team, with which he has won the Polish league of American football… more

Attention! Number of places is limited! First come first served! 😊 so… sign up now!

The Foundations of a young leader

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