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Managers who develop their social skills are effective leaders, make more effective decisions and adapt more easily to dynamic changes. For years, we have been supporting the development of hundreds of leaders at every stage of their professional careers. Our programs are based on reliable scientific knowledge supported by research and expert, practical experience of mentors. We are waiting for you at Leaders Island!
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Trainings for managers and leaders

Communication is Your Work – ManagerÔÇÖs Edition

Development Areas

Learn to communicate effectively in the most common management situations.
22-24 April 2024 / Krakow
4645 PLN + VAT

The Foundations of a Young Leader (Polish Edition)

Development Areas

Gain the knowledge and practical skills necessary to be an effective leader.
15-16, 23-24 May 2024 / Krakow
4645 PLN + VAT

Public Speaking 

Development Areas

Explore the latest storytelling techniques and become a master of public speaking!
New date soon (English version) / Krak├│w
2930 PLN + VAT

Leadership development intensive

Development Areas

Learn how to build an effective, close-knit team focused on teamwork.
Please contact us at: / Warsaw
9900 PLN + VAT

Online training - Masterclass

Understanding Your Human Nature by Philip Zimbardo

Development Areas

Passionate lectures from a guru of psychology ÔÇô Professor Philip Zimbardo.
149 USD   99 USD

Manager as Leader by John J. Scherer

Development Areas

Do you know the difference between an ordinary manager and a true leader?
149 USD   99 USD

What leaders say

Meeting with Leaders Island is a unique experience that will pay off in your professional and private life.

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