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We congratulate you on your promotion to the position of manager!
Ahead of you is a great adventure and a great…
challenge. Why?

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Do you know that 60% of new managers

resign within the first 2 years?

Nobody is born a great leader.
With our help, you will learn how to
consciously develop your potential

and become a professional in management.

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Do you know that 47% of new managers
have not participated in training
to prepare them for their new duties?

We give you knowledge

and practical experience.

You need it because you are not responsible for your results,
but for the work of your team!

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Do you know that 80% of workers between 30 and 44

years of age want to resign from work because

their superior uses micro-managing?

Your promotion is just the beginning. You have to be able to liberate energy and loyalty in those who you manage.

Only a team of engaged workers can lift an organisation to a higher level.

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Do you know that poor team management lowers its effectiveness by almost 50% and leads to a level of profitability 44% lower than in a well-managed group of employees?

Today, it is not enough to manage,

it is necessary to inspire ! Many managers arrive at this truth through trial and error. We help you to avoid this process and build strong inspiring leadership.

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Do you know that 60% of organisations

face a shortage of leadership skills

among its workers?

Become a real leader.
Enrol for the “Foundations of a young manager” training course.
Join the Leaders Island society.

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Do you know that 100% of the participants

of the “Foundations of a young manager”

training course would recommend it to others?

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The Foundations of Young Manager


November 2019, Kraków

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December 2019, Kraków

Podcast “From Manager’s Toolbox”



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What others say about us

The fact that you are a manager does not mean that you have automatically become a boss. It is worth remembering this at the beginning of your career and later on, because it takes a long time to create the identity of a professional leader, usually by trial and error. Training allows many mistakes to be avoided, and motivates leadership based on building engagement, and not on control. From the perspective of my daily duties, I believe the most valuable activities are those dedicated to relations within a team, diagnosis and inspiration of subordinates, and also effective communication.The Author


Tomasz Rogoz
Director of Training & Development
Getin Noble Bank S.A.



Those who have been promoted often experience a kind of solitude at the top, especially if it is the first peak they have conquered. The “Foundations of a Young Manager” training course helps leaders to meet new challenges. Above all, it deals with the baggage of false beliefs that hinder the start of new leaders. It also opens the path towards obtaining new skills, which the majority of course participants have evaluated as being useful. Among the most inspirational subjects, they mentioned personal development methods and leadership matters with stress on motivation.

The Author

Dorota Semenowicz
Training & Development Coordinator
Trainer Human Resources


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and receive a free book of guidelines:
10 principles of an effective manager.