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Meeting with Leaders Island is a unique experience that will pay off in your professional and private life.

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Fuel your leadership journey

At Leaders Island, we believe that leaders and managers are able to change the world – including the world of business – for the better. We design development processes that equip leaders with tools and methods necessary for a wise work with their teams.

Today, we will prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow. Thanks to that, you will develop yourself, your career and you will become a better leader.

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April 10,2024, 5:15 pm, Hevre Kraków

Dawid Ostręga will speak on "Lekcje wyciągnięte z największej porażki liderskiej. Jak dział HR może wspierać liderów w codziennych wyzwaniach?"



April 15, 2024, 4:30 - 7:00 pm, Amway Global Business Services Office, Pawia 21, High5ive Building

Adam Jaworski will speak on "Navigating Tough, Complex, Unpredictable Changes with Your Team – A Leader's Primer".

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Leaders Island

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