Adrian Klekotko
Project Manager at Amsterdam Standard

Expect the unexpected. The workshop is an excellent training ground for dealing with difficult conflict situations in safe conditions. After its completion, you will leave stronger and equipped with the tools to deal with them in an ecological way.

Maciej Pietras
Senior Software Engineer Global Logic

As usual, it’s two days of hard, no-handlebars riding. It’s definitely worth surviving these two days to use these skills later not only at work, but also in everyday life.

Katarzyna Wolak
Office Manager Ailleron

I highly recommend these workshops. Its mentor has extensive experience in this topic and in conducting trainings. The workshops were conducted very dynamically. You couldn’t get bored and the knowledge gained is priceless. After completing them, I would like to have even more training of this type.

Mateusz Hablaszek
Regional Sales Manager - West Office at Mitsubishi Electric

About: Reaching Agreement in the Organization. Managerial Mediation (OPO)

A training like no other. Unique in every respect. A wealth of information translated into practice. There are few trainings like those provided by Leaders Island.

Patrycja Szostakowska

It was a great honor for me and a great pleasure to meet the man, that has such a big impact on how role models influence us in our everyday lives. At the same time, it was a great opportunity to learn about various great initiatives, which although less known, are particularly valuable in today’s digital age (time paradox, heroic imagination project, etc.).
The Heroic Imagination Project, whose originator and founder is Professor Zimbardo, has now come to Poland and is implemented by Agnieszka Wilczyńska, Ph.D. – a great initiative that I hugely support!

Aleksandra Favero
Director of People & Culture, BRAINLY

Leaders Island is an important partner for us in building development programs for leaders. “The Foundations of a Young Leader” and “Communication is Your Work” courses are highly rated by our employees and we often use them. These are trainings the content of which stays in memory for a long time and translates into real skills.

In my opinion, what distinguishes Leaders Island is building a community through its various proposals (conferences, podcasts, online programs) and opportunities to support development not only during classic training.

Izabela Konik
Head of the Recruitment and Training Department, Eurovia

Leaders Island stands out for its professional and individual approach to Eurovia’s training needs. We have been cooperating with the company since 2018. Since then, Leaders Island training has become a permanent element of the development program for managers at Eurovia.
The training is carried out by experienced trainers who, in addition to their substantive knowledge, share their best practices with our employees. Every year, Eurovia employees rate the quality of training highly and willingly participate in subsequent training modules.

Dariusz Rybarski
CEO, Blumenbecker Engineering Polska

BLUMENBECKER ENGINEERING POLSKA has been cooperating with Leaders Island since the beginning of 2017. As part of the training programs we implement, our employee-managers at all levels took part in both closed and open trainings in the fields of team building and management, as well as other managerial skills, including: : “The Foundations of a Young Leader, “Communication is Your Work”, “Reaching Agreement in the Organization. Managerial Mediation” (podlinkować)

People participating in LI’s trainings highly appreciate the methods, substantive and practical content, as well as their professional organization. We can certainly recommend Leaders Island as a professional partner in the field of training programs for managerial staff.

Magdalena Krzysztoń
People and Organization Development Manager, Ailleron

Leaders Island turned out to be a great partner in the development of many managers with whom I had the opportunity to cooperate. I found out that the knowledge and experience accumulated at LI guarantee that training participants are equipped with tools to build effective leadership, which is best evidenced by teams that are well-motivated and more effective. Personally, I think that the great value of Leaders Island is that it creates space for further development after the participant leaves the training room. Podcasts, Light conferences and training materials always delivered in the highest quality ensure continuity in the leader development process. I recommend it – it’s really worth getting to know Leaders Island better!

Magdalena Podgórska
HR Director, Salumanus

The trainings I took part in thanks to Leaders Island were a unique experience for me, something like a game that you can get into and don’t want to leave. What was particularly valuable to me was the intimate atmosphere, interesting case studies, workshop form of classes and immediate feedback, thanks to which I learned to methodically approach difficult challenges while feeling that I was in control of the situation at all times.

Jakub Dżon
Volume DSP Tech Lead

Well-prepared mentors and precisely refined scenarios of extreme managerial situations perfectly prepare you to deal with “ordinary” professional conversations. The mantra “expect the unexpected” and experiencing the truly unexpected gives you a sense of readiness to cope with even the most difficult situations. The best training I have ever attended.

Łukasz Siódmok
Founder and President of the Management Board of Fulco System sp. z o. o.

So far, I have spent 5 days on Leader’s Island trainings with my team. This was enough to completely change my previous opinion about the development of soft skills. Moreover, the word “training” unimaginably reduces what happened during these meetings. What Leader’s Island gave us is a completely different level of approach, thanks to which the workshops are a profound experience that I recommend to everyone.
The level of knowledge that the gentlemen from LI have and the perfectly refined and attractive form of transmitting it is 100% engaging. Through this wide-open channel, knowledge flows into the mind in an extremely practical and experiential way. This is the other end of the spectrum from theories from books. Despite my analytical mind, I still don’t know how They do it. I feel like after leaving the cinema from the movie “Fight Club” and I will gladly go to the next screening 🙂

Alicja Raczyńska
IT Recruiter, Ntiative

The training organized by Leaders Island is, above all, very well-suited to the level of knowledge and experience of the participants, and at the same time full of professionalism. The topics, stories and examples discussed are specific and authentic, and it seems that every Leader has or will soon encounter them in practice. In addition, the mentor’s extensive experience, incredible commitment and individual approach are admirable and influence the participants’ motivation to act, change and leave their comfort zone. And all this in a very friendly, natural atmosphere. I recommend experiencing it for yourself, because in fact, a leader at ANY level of advancement will be able to find valuable tips to implement in both their professional and private life.

Olga Kozub
Team Lead Codewise

Great training, great mentor – recommended 100%. A lot of practical real-life cases, answers to leaders’ challenges. I highly recommend it!

Małgorzata Orwińska
Finance Manager Poland, Ocado

Amazing workshops. Knowledge transferred in a complex, yet simple way. Space to learn about yourself in challenging situations that you can later use in both your private and professional life.

Maciej Pietras
Team Lead/Product Owner, Nordic Semiconductor

After listening to several podcasts on RMP that Józef has made, I was eagerly awaiting for the opportunity to complete my profile. It’s definitely worth getting to know it. Some of the results confirmed my previous observations, but some of them surprised me. It is worth sharing your profile with your colleagues so that they also understand what motivates us, what guides us when making decisions, and what causes certain behaviors. I definitely recommend RMP to anyone who would like to understand themselves better.

Maciej Stawiszyński
Software Engineering Leader, Motorola Solutions

As a manager with many years of experince, I have been involved in self-development and I am aware of my own motivation. The result of the RMP profile was not a big surprise to me, but it perfectly showed, summarized and explained what I had guessed about myself, but previously did not exactly. Now I know it! Systematizing the theory of motivation around the 16 RMP motivators gave me peace of mind and confidence that I was working on the right areas of my development. I am very satisfied with the RMP analysis, because it contributed to a better understanding and awareness of my behavior in specific situations and feelings I have towards people and things.

Grzegorz Niczyporuk
Engineering Manager, Group

I have recently had the opportunity to participate in the Motivation Billion.0 workshop, led by Mariusz Dobrzycki. I must admit that it was probably the best workshop I have attended during my 12-year professional career. Mariusz created fantastic conditions for discussion and exchange of experiences, while keeping us on topic. The topic itself is a must-have for everyone who wants to consciously manage not only their team, but also themselves. I recommend it to everyone. Great stuff!

Tomasz Gawryłow
Senior UX Designer, Ocado Technology

A lot of practice. Every participant facilitates their meeting, thanks to which, they can get personalized tips from the mentor.

Dariusz Tarasek
Project Manager, Miquido

I would highly recommend it! The training focused on practical skills supported by the trainer’s extensive experience. A great option for everyone who wants to present their message better and more accurately.

Bartłomiej Kapuśniak
Global IS Domain Architect for IaaS, Compute & StorageHitachi-Energy-logo

Powerful Public Speaking
For being Great Team which build AWESOME Public Speakers.

Anna Brudek
UX Designer, Ocado Technology

Loads of practical exercises with background information and the mentor’s comments. This workshop allowed me to learn about different types of meetings including tough situations. All the tips and tools will help me to facilitate business meetings better.

Paweł Rachwał
Product Manager, Ocado Technology

I have understood my cardinal mistakes during sending invitations to meetings, how to do it better, and how to cope with difficult situations during meetings.

Mateusz Hoffman
Innovation Delivery Lead at IT Innovation Accelerator

Powerful Public Speaking
Great Training! David’s experience in business / corporate helped to relate with some examples and really leave with practical takeway. Don’s confidence, actor skills and great presence make those two perfect setup – like Ying &Yang.

Przemek Baranowski
Engineering Manager, Java Backend Dev, Codewise

The best training I have ever attended. It allows you to learn about the secrets of communication with other people, the mechanics behind it, but most importantly – it allows you to learn new things about yourself. Very recommended!

Seweryn Nawieśniak
Implementation Project Coordinator, Velis Real Estate Tech

I am surprised – despite all the positive ratings and comments for Leaders Island – because the training is at an even higher level than I expected. Such a professional approach. Chapeau bas.

Łukasz Szweblik
Project Development Manager, Velis Real Estate Tech

A great workshop filled up with interesting cases and exercises – an emotional rollercoaster finished with satisfaction from understanding yourself and emotions as such.

Edy Lara
IT Global SIAM Operations Manager

Powerful Public Speaking
Good foundation course to start in the journey of public speaking with the help of experienced trainers and friendly materials.

Anna Głuch
People Operations Specialist, BRAINLY

This training in communication is the best I have ever attended. The level of intensity and the content are simply indescribable. Coach Błażej is an incredibly warm and cordial person, and at the same time he is characterized by great knowledge and professionalism. The group taking part in the training was small, so the atmosphere during it was intimate. The training did not consist of a lot of theory, but it included a lot of practical exercises that often forced you to go beyond your comfort zone.

I am grateful that I could take part in this wonderful training, which will remain in my memory for a very long time.

Małgorzata Sobota
Recruitment & Employer Branding Specialist, PRINTBOX

My adventure with Leaders Island began over a year ago, when I had the opportunity to participate in the “Communication is Your Work” workshop. I still remember this training as one of the most interesting experiences. When I joined a new company, I was very happy to be able to recommend these workshops to our employees. That’s why I want to share their opinion after the training, too.

They noted the professional preparation of the trainer, the high quality of the presented content and materials, but also the element of practicality of exercises that distinguish this training program from others. I am very glad that the level of content presented by Leaders Island is still very high. I am convinced that this is not the last group of Printbox employees who participated in these workshops.

Dawid Bała
Industrial Design Team Leader, Green Cell

The training (note: “The Foundations of a Young Leader”) was great. I really like the formula where, after a short introduction, you work in smaller groups on the problem and then discuss the results together. It makes you think and reflect. It brings us closer to knowing ourselves, and this seems to be one of the key things on the way to leading a team effectively. I appreciate it when people sharing knowledge use theory, but also have practical experience. It is clear that Józef is a practitioner with good theoretical preparation.

I can definitely recommend this training to anyone who strives to be a better leader.

Grzegorz Miłkowski
CEO, Content House

The training conducted by Leaders Island is the essence of what such training should be. “Powerful public speaking” in just two days of workshops allowed me to raise my speaking skills to a higher level, eliminate mistakes that – as a speaker – I was not aware of and change the way I plan speeches to a more effective one in the context of the business I run.
I recommend the training to anyone who combines their professional activity with appearing in front of an audience and wants to be sure that their presentations will remain in their memory for a long time.

Mateusz Winiarski
IT Manager, Team Manager, MakingWaves

The ability to communicate, in both the professional and private aspects of your life, is an extremely important thing nowadays. Through this training, Leaders Island focuses attention on communication, listening and being attentive.

Workshops, exercises and subsequent analysis of what happens during this process help to understand other people and their needs. Not only your superior and subordinate, but also your colleague or your loved ones.

Throwing participants in at the deep end during training means that everyone will be able to swim without any problems in everyday situations. I strongly believe in what Józef and Błażej do for the management community and beyond.

Wojciech Dworakowski
CEO of SecuRing

The specificity of a consulting company is that you often have to present your expert knowledge both at public conferences and in closed meetings with clients. The workshops at Leaders Island allowed us to rethink the way of presenting, so as to reach the recipient with what is most important in a limited time and, above all, induce the desired change. The form of workshops gives you the opportunity to practice the acquired knowledge and make necessary corrections live. And “last but not least” – these classes were great fun for the entire team.

Maciej Rogowski
CTO, Velis

Trainings conducted by Leaders Island are particularly distinguished by their non-standard approach combining theoretical and practical knowledge. The workshop formula precisely reflects our daily work, which additionally allows us to improve our competencies.
Without revealing the details, I recommend that you see it for yourself. I am writing this as a participant and on the behalf of my team that has participated in numerous trainings at LI.

Jarosław Bodnar
Head Of Software Development, Miquido

Usually, I have had bad experiences – trainings that were uninteresting or the level of the participants was not appropriately adjusted… And I usually ended up working on various conferences because the speakers effectively put me to sleep. This caused me to close myself off to outside knowledge for years.

When someone recommended Leaders Island to me, I was very skeptical. To such an extent (befitting a self-confident manager) that I called Józef (founder of Leaders Island) to ask whether the training was really for me. After all, I am young in age but not necessarily in experience, and the Foundation of a Young Leader probably was not for me. Finally, I took a risk and it didn’t end with just one training session.

Each training is unique. With industry specialists, with people who have extensive experience in what they do. I was never bored for a moment, and many exercises and events remained in my memory; I come back to them in my everyday managerial life.

After three trainings, I can recommend each of them, so if the topic interests you, you can be sure that you will receive what you expect. In my company, Leaders Island training courses are currently on the most recommended list. For both managers and technical people interested in something more than technology…

Individual team effectiveness – Leaders Island
Addressed to people who want to check how they make decisions, whether they make them at all, and whether they work effectively under stress. This training is not for everyone, more for people in higher roles or with more experience, mature people who want to know the motivations for their behavior. Because after this training, you may find that working under stress is not for you (for example, as a manager). The training also shows how important team composition is. You can expect a lot of examples from the army and team building that can be translated into our lives as managers.

The Foundation of a Young Leader – Leaders Island
I recommend it for people with shorter experience to learn good practices. For people with more experience who are stuck in a certain loop with no exit/development – it gives the opportunity to consult ideas or inspiration. It organizes knowledge very well from A to Z and I recommend it to everyone.

Dariusz Klupi
co-Founder, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Trainer

re: Leadership Development Intensive with John Scherer in co. with Leaders Island

What? Another leadership course? Well … OK … let’s see. Hey, I’m actually enjoying it! Brilliant! I need to note this down. And that as well. Ok, I need a new section in my notes. And it’s fun! Weird … I read about it before, yet, it was so reinforcing to have it told by John through perspective of his huge experience. Transition management, developmental psychology, resistance transformation, commitment, team spirit … and it all in a concise, clear and easy to digest form. Highly recommended.

Katarzyna Mierzejewska
Head of People and Culture, Codewise

My adventure with Leaders Island began at Codewise, which has been sending its leaders to managerial trainings for several years now. In conversations with our leads, I heard only positive recommendations, and I also decided to see for myself how effective the “Communication is Your Work” is. And how right these opinions were!
Extremely engaging exercises, the opportunity to confront difficult situations from the life of a manager, great coaching and psychological support from the mentor. For these reasons, Leaders Island management workshops are a permanent part of the development of our leaders.

Karen Wright
Learning and Development Manager, Novitex Enterprise Solutions

John’s easy-going, inviting demeanor might lead you to believe that he may not have the professional “goods” to deliver cutting-edge service. You would be incredibly mistaken. It’s this guy-next-door presence mixed with remarkable spiritual wisdom and vast business experience that gives John his extraordinary ability to connect at a deep level with virtually every person he’s met. I’ve been personally blessed to learn from John and to work along side him

Randy Morgan
Owner, Red Shoe Solutions LLC

John has been a friend and mentor for many years. He has a unique way of helping others rediscover the best that is in them. Whether you are guiding an organization, balancing a family or taking the next step in your own personal growth, John is the guide that can take you there. His wit, humor and wisdom are both compelling and instructional. He has been a truly transformational person in my life and I hope you are lucky enough to have him be a part of yours.

Joanna Wolczanska
HR Lead,

Time well spent. It does not matter whether you are a manager or not, whether you manage a team of 2, 10, 100 or more. This workshop is for people who want to work on themselves. Becoming a leader isn’t something that just happens – it’s a skill that we have to develop constantly. The workshop with John Scherer made me realize what I need to work on. It is full of inspiring advice on how to lead yourself and a company towards success. During the discussions I immediately recalled situations from my office life where I could apply John’s suggestions. I left this one-day workshop with a hunger for more and a list of ideas to implement. Moreover, I had a chance to not only meet John – a true motivator – but also other people with thought-provoking insights

Paulina Guzik
Scrum Master, Motorola Solutions Poland

It’s definitely the best training I have ever been to. It stands out thanks to a great amount of practice, well-thought-through and organized material (not too packed), and a unique business and psychological view on the cases discussed. All of these advantages additionally strengthen full professionalism of the mentor.

Maciej Sikora

You will face circumstances you have never experienced or even imagined. The surprise will accompany you from the very beginning to the end of the training. It won’t be easy.
If you survive, you will be ready for any real situation.
This cannot be described in words, it must be experienced. I definitely recommend it.

Marek Uszkur
Start Center Leader, Aptiv

I remember these workshops as very good, and I think that was one of the few trainings that I remember at all. And not only because of the actors, and “scenes” we played out. To me, what was best, were tools and exercises we were to practice every week. I guess that was the most valuable thing to me, as they gave me a chance to develop skills gradually. As managers, we are constantly surprised by more or less stressful situations (“scenes”) but not many of us can afford regular and systematic work on them, or we simply lack knowledge of how to do it.

V. Robinson

Do not take this course if you have any fears about examining who you are, or why you work, lead, live and breathe as you do now. Take it as climbers and divers take the heights and depths. Take it in order to know where it is possible to go.

Andrzej Sowa
Tribe Lead, ING Bank Śląski

LDI gives you real-life and personalized tips. It touches on the essence of what we can improve. One of the most practical trainings!
I recommend it to anyone who wants to better understand themselves and how others perceive us.

Edward Rejmer

Two years ago I participated in the LDI program. From my current perspective, I can say that this training marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life. It was the moment when I realized how important a role soft skills play and how inner harmony, balance and self-awareness can help me in my private and professional life. I derive great satisfaction from my personal development and I feel much happier.

Michał Kamoń
ME EGM - Engineering Group Manager, APTIV

When I faced the challenge of changing my path from an engineering to a management one, LI accompanied me from the very beginning (and still is). My first training, and in retrospect, probably the most important, was the “Foundations of a Young Leader”. For me, this training was a gateway to another world; instructions on how to move away from the “closed” engineering approach to reality and open up to others (to change the Mindset). The Foundations of a Young Leader is an excellent introduction to another very important, even key training “Communication is Your Work”. Looking back, I can safely say that without a solid “foundation” it is impossible to build something that will bear fruits for years

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