If you want to get somewhere, it is best to find someone
who has already been there.

R. Kiyosaki

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Józef Kącki

The founder of Leaders Island obtained his management skills in the IT area, where, among others, he was the managing director of a listed company. He combines his work in business with his role as a trainer, in which he shares his knowledge. As a marathon runner, he knows how to be persistent, and as a sailor, how to choose the appropriate direction.

I have dedicated over 2 300 hours to human resources management until now
52 000 000 000 USD – capital of the largest company I have cooperated with in Poland

Błażej Pasiut

Difficult matters are his specialisation: he is a court negotiator and psyhologist, and additionally (which is no less of a challenge) a scientific worker at university. For many years he has created and conducted training in the fields of inter-personal skills and teamwork.

I have spent over 3 000 hours in difficult discussions in court mediation
78 people at one table – the largest, and successful, mediation I have conducted

Wojciech Gabryelczyk

For two decades, he has managed teams in both international corporations and small dynamic organisations. As a coach, he helps to build leadership skills, eliminate restrictive beliefs and to take advantage of potential. He inspires changes in business and life.

112 people – the largest sales team which managed
2 000 000 000 PLN – the highest annual turnover realized with my team

Dagmara Plata-Alf

Training with a manager who knows the tourist-hotel business like the back of her hand is an interesting journey straight to the expected goal. An expert in management and marketing, who is constantly widening her horizons by studying (currently postgraduate studies), attending courses and in… practice. A professional consultant and business trainer.

972 training hours within the framework of business training
298 rooms is how many there are in the hotels that belong to the chain in which I manage marketing

Dariusz Pierzak

A man who speaks passionately about even finance and control. He has managerial experience in many branches. As a trainer, he proves that the logic of the business world also applies to other spheres of life. And vice versa. He teaches how to think straight ahead, in reverse, across and along the surrounding reality.

60 – 80 million EURO is the average turnover of the companies I have managed
300 000 people – the largest corporation in which I have worked

Paweł Piwowar

Solo/chamber/orchestral player, Gospel and pop choirs conductor and financial crime specialist for Royal Bank of Scotland. Pawel specialises in training and directing large teams of people during live performances in front of an audience. As a trainer he teaches how to perform effectively under pressure, particularly while speaking in public.

110 – size of a Gospel choir and jazz/pop instrumental band that I directed in live concert
25 700 – total of people gathered as audiences, to which I delivered live concerts and workshops

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