Conditions of training

  1. The price represents the fee for participation in the training session. It does not cover the costs of accommodation or travelling.
  2. Sending an enrolment form by e-mail signifies the acceptance of the conditions of participation in the training by the Participant and the costs connected with it.
  3. After an enrolment form is received, Leaders Island enrols the participant on the training course and sends a confirmation of the reservation to the applicant or participant, together with a pro-forma invoice.
  4. Acceptance of a participant on a given training course depends on the number of places, order of applications and the decision of Leaders Island connected with its concept of the training group.
  5. Payment of the pro-forma invoice guarantees a place in the training course.
  6. Payment for participation in the training course should be made at least 14 days before the start date.
  7. Absence from the training course which the participant has been accepted for and not previously resigned from, does not relieve the participant from payment of the fees for the course.
  8. If the participant resigns from the course at least 14 days before it takes place, Leaders Island will return the fee in full.
  9. Leaders Island reserves the right to change the dates of training courses or cancel them without stating the reason up to 5 days before the designated date of the training. In this situation, Leaders Island will reimburse the participant in full.
  10. In the event of unforeseen situations and reservations as to the completed training, you can write to us with a complaint to the following address: We will respond to your request within 14 days of receiving your message.
  11. Persons participating in the Training, if provided for in the Training program, receive Training Materials for personal use only. Persons participating in the Training may not record, reproduce, in whole or in part, Training Materials, they may not market, lend, rent or lease Training Materials, distribute Training Materials, in whole or in part.
  12. Participation in full training provides a certificate confirming acquired competencies.
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