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At Leaders Island, we have been supporting organizations for years now, by designing development programs for managerial staff and entire project teams. Based on the needs and expectations of our partners, we develop a series of training and workshops addressing the company’s current challenges.
Leaders Island Programy i ścieżki rozwoju dla firm

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Leadership Academy

Workshops, training and consulting that would improve your leaders’ skills at every stage of their professional path. Leadership Academy is a program that we design together with our partners, selecting competencies and key areas for the organization to develop.

Change Management

Be prepared to manage change and get support in the transformation of your organization. Change Management is a program preparing you to go through complex and demanding changes. After learning about your organization’s situation and needs, we design a process that allows leaders and teams to effectively lead and go through the transformation.

High Potential

This program supports the use of the full potential of your employees and leaders. High Potential is a path that we design together with your organization, aimed at developing competencies and skills of people with high leadership potential.

Women in Business

This program is for organizations supporting women in fulfilling their leadership potential. Workshops, training and individual sessions aimed at identifying and developing managerial and leadership skills for women.

Internal Mentoring Program

Employee development through internal mentoring/coaching conducted by leaders within your organization. We support management staff in acquiring skills allowing them to effectively conduct development sessions with their team members.

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