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Leaders Island

We invite you to travel around our island. There are 4 areas waiting for you in which, together with our mentors, you will develop your social and leadership competencies. Check what we have prepared for you.

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Leadership Campus

Practical programs for leaders
at every stage of their career

In this area, you will develop your leadership skills by working with experienced mentors to develop managerial competencies. Leadership Campus is a zone where we share good practices and reliably verified knowledge in the field of management and leading teams.

Social Skills Lab

Trainings in communication and interpersonal relationships
in a unique workshop form

In this area, you will develop your communication competencies by participating in practical workshops using high-fidelity simulations. We invite you to a social laboratory where you will work on your own resources under the supervision of an experienced expert. Social Skills Lab is an area where we will teach you effective communication in the most common professional situations.

Powerful Speaking Arena

Preparation for engaging
speeches and presentations

In this area, you will develop your competencies in public speaking and creating engaging presentations. We will teach you how to speak to effectively convey your thoughts and intentions and have the intended impact on the recipient – regardless of whether you are speaking at a large conference or communicating 1:1. Powerful Speaking Arena is an area where you will build confidence and learn to persuasively communicate your needs.

Personal Development Center

Reliable tools and programs
supporting personal development

In this area, we will help you get to know yourself and understand your needs. Using reliable knowledge and proven psychometric research, you will deepen your self-awareness, which will translate into more effective actions and making better decisions. Personal Development Center is an area where we focus on the individual approach to development. 

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