艁ukasz Si贸dmok
Founder and President of the Management Board of Fulco System sp. z o. o.

So far, I have spent 5 days on Leader’s Island trainings with my team. This was enough to completely change my previous opinion about the development of soft skills. Moreover, the word “training” unimaginably reduces what happened during these meetings. What Leader’s Island gave us is a completely different level of approach, thanks to which the workshops are a profound experience that I recommend to everyone.
The level of knowledge that the gentlemen from LI have and the perfectly refined and attractive form of transmitting it is 100% engaging. Through this wide-open channel, knowledge flows into the mind in an extremely practical and experiential way. This is the other end of the spectrum from theories from books. Despite my analytical mind, I still don’t know how They do it. I feel like after leaving the cinema from the movie “Fight Club” and I will gladly go to the next screening 馃檪

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