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Understanding Your Human Nature

Becoming The Best Ever New You!
Passionate lectures from a guru of psychology – Professor Philip Zimbardo (workshop in English).
Pasjonujące warsztaty guru psychologii – profesora Philipa Zimbardo
Fundament Początkującego Lidera  - najbiższe szkolenia

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Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from Dr. Philip Zimbardo - a true icon in psychology.
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Pasjonujące warsztaty guru psychologii – profesora Philipa Zimbardo

Training’s description

Understanding HUMAN NATURE
You don’t have to immediately become a hero endowed with control over time and equipped with a growth mindset. But passionate lectures from a guru of psychology – Professor Philip Zimbardo – will mean that you can begin to think about it. And it will then only be a few steps from there to your goal!

What can be expected after the lectures?
Above all – inspiration. Subjects for independent consideration. Views which will cast new light on the reality surrounding us. To a certain degree: specific advice. In general, you should not expect a prepared recipe.

Learn to manage your time effectively.

Understand the new generation on the labor market.

Develop your personal potential.

The lectures will present, in an easy-to-understand way, an almost complete overview of the scientific work of Professor Zimbardo, as well as his most important social projects and the work of other psychologists which he considered to be particularly interesting.

Meet this training’s mentor

Dr. Philip Zimbardo Understanding Your Human Nature
Dr. Philip Zimbardo - An icon of psychology

Philip Zimbardo is known even by people whose knowledge of psychology is just that such a branch of science exists. And even if they have not heard of this world-renowned American psychologist, lecturer, writer and social activist, they are at least familiar with media reports of the Stanford Prison Experiment, which he conducted in 1971.

Those educated in the humanities or with such interests have probably had in their hands a book, translated into many languages and widely available, called “Psychology and Life”, whose co-author was the Professor. His other books of “The Lucifer Effect. Understanding How Good People Turn Evil”, “The Time Paradox” and “Man (Dis)connected” have also received great publicity, as has the “Heroic Imagination Project” social program. 

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About the workshop

Expert knowledge and experience

Professor Philip Zimbardo mixes the curiosity of a researcher with the temperament of a popularizer and is not the type of scientist who remains inside the walls of an institution.

The knowledge and experience of the Professor are of great value for managers in corporations, creators of start-ups and, in fact, for everybody open to knowledge about themselves, others and inter-personal relations.

Stanford Prison Experiment

After over 40 years Stanford Prison Experiment is still causing a lot of emotion… Leaders Island’s mission is to share good experience among people. For this reason, we are honored to present the new program “Understanding Human Nature”, in which Professor Philip Zimbardo is sharing his knowledge and experience, based on over 40 years of activity in social and scientific field.

Professor’s initiatives e.g. Heroic Imagination Project have usually common denominator- reflect on ourselves and enhance the quality of life. We are sure that insight into Professor Zimbardo’s scientific achievements will be valuable for every listener.

In recent times came up some questioning comments about the simulation conducted in the laboratory of Stanford University. It is why we encourage you to take for consideration Professor’s response for this criticism Philip Zimbardo’s Response to Criticism of the Stanford Prison Experiment . It is worth to learn more about it and make up your mind about it.


In Leaders Island we treat results of the experiment, theory and Professor’s experience as a good opportunity to reflect on ourselves. It is important is to look at a person as a human being first, then as a leader. Then on the basis of acquired competencies you can perform effectively in the social and professional way.

We encourage you one more time to go deeply to the nature of humanity just to understand better yourself.

4 hours of reliable knowledge

The e-learning course which lasts for almost 4 hours will cover such subjects as:
- The nature of evil
- The Stanford Prison Experiment
- How to become an everyday hero?
- The Professor Z. program of 10 steps (to obtain civil courage)
- The Heroic Imagination Project
- How the secret power of time influences your destiny?
- Man (Dis)connected – Why are young men in crisis?
- Man (Dis)connected – What can we do about it?
- How to create a growth mindset?

Training program - contents

What will be your takeaways from this workshop?

The above knowledge will help you:

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