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Szymon Niemczura – CEO of tells you the story of a managerial challenge which was the rapid change in the scale of business activity. He knows about this like few others: within just 3 years, he developed, a start-up, into the leader of the innovative branch of smart hardware and serves 15,000 clients in 120 countries.

Szymon Niemczura
This is a young (but only in terms of age) creator of a start-up that is changing the world. CEO and co-founder of, a start-up from Krakow, which in three years became a company with a worldwide reach, working for companies from the Fortune 500 list. In this year, he will celebrate his 30th birthday, but he has been gathering business experience – mainly in the fields of IT and consulting – since he was 15. One of the pioneers in the market for beacons, which were originally intended to make museums more friendly for the blind. They have now become the embers of a revolution in the world of marketing and even outside it, because they are the basis of the futuristic concept of the Internet of Things.

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