The True Test of Leadership

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John’s speech concerns itself with managing in a crisis. When times are stable and business is booming, most leaders manage to look good. The true test of a great leader is when crisis hits. Having navigated his own business for over 20 years, Lynch will share his lessons learned from his own challenges and crises he has faced.

John Lynch – American pioneer of the free-market economy in Poland

An entrepreneur who shortly after the fall of communism in 1991, came to Poland as a volunteer in a US Government-funded program to help build a free-market economy in Eastern Europe. In 1992, he launched a start-up business, “Lynka” a corporate clothing and merchandise company, which currently employees more than 300 people with sales in 25 EU countries.
Lynch has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh, and an MBA from the Wharton Business School in Philadelphia. He is a founder and Board Member of the American Chamber of Commerce.
He was granted the highest honor for civilians in Poland, the Gold Cross of Merit by President Komorowski, for his work in building a free-market economy in Poland.

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