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The Social Skills Laboratory is a training space for psychosocial competencies, where each participant receives a solid dose of unique experiences in the field of real interpersonal interactions to test themselves in a safe and friendly environment.

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Learning through experiencing

During this workshop, we use the “learning through experiencing” model. This method allows participants to transform their experiences, both private and professional, into specific skills and effective behavior models.

Under the supervision of practitioners, participants develop their social skills, such as: interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution. They can also use prepared paths for the methodical process of developing comprehensive psychosocial skills.

During the workshop, participants perform a number of practical exercises, which then become the basis for a fact-based discussion. The aim of these tasks is to increase the level of self-awareness, as well as develop mindfulness, reflective thinking and feedback skills. 

High fidelity simulations

The tasks and content of the exercises are tailored to the environment in which the participants function and refer to situations that largely represent social events they experience on a daily basis.

Additionally, the methodology of psychodrama that is used during the workshop deepens self-awareness and increases the communication and psychological realism, so that the participant can face tasks typical of their functioning in high-fidelity simulations.

The later analysis of these events allows participants to obtain rich feedback regarding their resources in terms of social competencies, and to determine areas of personal development. Thanks to this, each participant has the opportunity to individually benefit from the development process, as well as draw from the resources of the entire group, which jointly implements the training plan.

The effect of psychosocial competence training is the conscious implementation of experiences, reflections and knowledge into actions in real life situations. 

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