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Change Management

Leaders play a key role in successfully driving change in organizations. We have been supporting our partners for years, equipping management staff with the necessary competences needed to effectively manage teams and processes in unpredictable circumstances.

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Changes in business

In business – even the largest ones that seem to have existed “forever” – change is inevitable. Only 52 companies, or just 10.4% of the Fortune 500 from 1955, remain on the list published in 2021. This means that almost 90% of the companies on this top list have gone bankrupt, merged or been acquired by others, or are still in existence but have dropped from the ranking. Many companies from the list published in 1955 are now unrecognizable, forgotten organizations. The average lifespan of an S&P 500 company in 1961 was about 61 years. Today it’s less than 18 years.

Change is part of a leader's professional life, and if it is complex or intense, it can also be very big. Coming out victorious requires the ability to effectively manage change.

Effective change management

What do successful companies do? How do they ensure not only survival, but also continuous development?
We believe that companies can only anticipate, plan and prepare for a certain amount of change. A safer strategy than that is to build a certain culture and equip employees, including leaders and managers, with skills that allow them to respond flexibly to changing rules of the game. Organizations composed of agile teams can weather any storms and challenges they encounter. This requires wise cooperation from leaders, which is based on the potential of each collaborator.
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Take advantage of our experts’ experience

We know that in today’s dynamic business environment, the ability to adapt and effectively transform is becoming a key element of the success of every organization. We want to share with you our experience, knowledge and tools that will be extremely helpful in going through the demanding process of change.

At Leaders Island, we specialize in comprehensive support in the field of organizational transformation. Regardless of whether your company is facing the challenge of restructuring, implementing new technologies, or wants to improve operational efficiency, we are ready to help you achieve your goals, while taking care of both the interest of the organization and the well-being of its employees.

When designing the development path under the Change Management program, we take into account the individual needs and expectations of our partners. Together with experienced mentors, we adapt the strategy and choose the best form of the program, ensuring effective and lasting results.

Help us understand your needs and propose an effective strategy.

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