Design a growth path for high-potential employees

High Potential

This program enables unlocking the full potential of leaders and other employees. High Potential is a strategy we design together with an organization; a solution, aimed at developing management and social skills of people with high leadership potential.
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Design a growth path for high-potential employees

High Potential employees are a very important part of an organization. They not only demonstrate high skills in their field, but also have the predisposition to lead others, inspire and think innovatively. Identifying the potential and providing appropriate conditions for development for such people is crucial both for the employee’s career planning and for the success of the entire organization.

At Leaders Island, we focus on an individual approach to each of our partners, so before designing the High Potential path, we want to learn about the needs and expectations of the organization – so as to effectively plan the entire process.

What elements does the High Potential path consist of?

High Potential is a path during which we connect people with high potential with experienced mentors who are business practitioners on a daily basis. The proposed consultations, trainings and workshops are based on reliable scientific knowledge and the latest scientific research, thanks to which we offer participants only effective solutions and proven tools.

High Potential may contain elements from all the areas we recommend at Leaders Island – depending on the needs of our partners.

Usually, our first stop is at the Leadership Campus, where participants gain the knowledge and skills necessary for the work of an effective leader. Then we recommend a visit to the Social Skills Lab, where we train social and communication skills – key elements that ensure effective interactions with people.

After carefully assessing the organization’s needs, we also recommend an individually tailored development path. We plan it by selecting complementary programs from 4 proposed areas (Leadership Campus, Social Skills Lab, Powerful Speaking Arena, Personal Development Center).

If you want the organization you represent to fully use its potential, support employee development, and thus be ready for the challenges of tomorrow, be sure to plan the High Potential path with us!

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