Develop your teams through internal mentoring

Internal Mentoring Program

Employee development through internal mentoring conducted by leaders in your organization through the support for management in acquiring skills allowing them to effectively conduct development sessions with their team members.

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Mentoring in organizations

The oldest and most effective form of transferring knowledge and experience is the master-disciple relationship, or in more modern terminology: mentoring.

Business mentoring is a relationship in which one party is a guide for the other on the path to development. However, it is still mutual – both the mentor and the trainee (mentee) have their responsibilities. The role of the trainee is to set the goal he or she is striving for and actively work to achieve it. The role of the mentor is to guide this process, inspire and share his or her own experience.

In order for a mentor to fulfill their role well, they must be an authority in the field they teach. He or she is, or has already been, where the trainee wants to go to and knows how to get there. The mentee cannot be just a passive recipient of knowledge – he or she must do exercises and follow the inspirations given them by the mentor. In other words: they also bring their resources to the relationship, although their main source in the process is, of course, the mentor.

The Internal Mentoring Program development path is a process during which we provide participants with the skills needed to effectively conduct mentoring in their own organizations.

What elements does the Internal Mentoring Program consist of?

The structure of mentoring often differs in individual organizations, so we start designing the process with a meeting aimed at determining the needs and goals of the project. Then we plan an individualized development path, ensuring varied forms tailored to the topics discussed. The Internal Mentoring Program consists of workshops, trainings, webinars, individual sessions and retrospectives. The proposed areas increase the relational, communication and social competences of participants, thanks to which they are better prepared to act as a mentor.
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Internal Mentoring Program - an example development path

  • Kick Off – start of the program, emphasizing the essence of the mentor’s role, introduction to the GROW methodology
  • Workshop: Communication Is Your Job
  • Workshop: Emotional intelligence
  • Workshop: Motivation Billion.0
  • Workshop: Reaching agreement in the organization
  • Individual mentoring sessions
  • Supervisions
Take advantage of the potential of mentoring and design the path of the Internal Mentoring Program today!

Help us understand your needs and propose an effective strategy.

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