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Workshops, training and consulting that would improve your leaders’ skills at every stage of their professional path. Leadership Academy is a program that we design together with our partners, selecting competencies and key areas for the organization to develop.
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Good leaders guarantee your success

Organizations that adapt best to change and recover from crisis fastest are those that focus on people. The most effective way to implement this tactic is to use the help of well-prepared leaders and managers. There is plenty of research to support the idea that better managers deliver better results. Moreover, leaders who create good relationships with colleagues make them healthier, happier, function better in times of change and are less likely to leave. Our mission is to create a space for continuous development for leaders and managers to prepare them for the challenges ahead. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Leadership Academy program, which offers comprehensive development of managers, taking into account the needs of your organization.

Effective development of leaders

At Leaders Island, we strongly believe that the fastest and most effective way to achieve the intended goal is to use the help of people who are/were in the place we are going to. For this reason, all our programs are conducted by mentors who are practitioners with many years of experience. During workshops and training sessions, they provide reliably verified scientific knowledge and share examples from their own professional lives, thanks to which they only propose proven, effective solutions.
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Leading a Winning Team

Drawing on many years of experience in supporting leaders and entire organizations in their development, we have created our own leadership competence model, called Leading a Winning Team.

It is a synthesis of the extensive managerial experience of practitioners cooperating with Leaders Island and conclusions from many years of research on factors influencing leadership effectiveness.

Competencies in this model are grouped into three key areas of leader activity (Leading, Winning, Team) and three perspectives in which each leader operates (Personal, Team-, Organization-wise). The combination of these two contexts creates a clear model of competencies and skills that we use when designing the Leadership Academy for our partners

What areas do we develop at the Leadership Academy?

Leadership Academy is a process that we design and adapt to the specific challenges of your organization. After carefully reviewing the situation and expectations of our partners, we propose the most effective solution.

This program contains topics tailored to the level of knowledge and skills at which the participants are. Depending on whether they are people who are just starting their adventure with working with a team or experienced C-level leaders, we guide them through workshops that sharpen their key competencies. We train them in the fields of: personal leadership effectiveness, building and developing teams, management, self-awareness, effective communication, ability to provide feedback, meeting facilitation, motivation, and building authority.

The professional knowledge and expert experience of our mentors, as well as the unique form of workshops, during which we place great emphasis on practice and learning through experience, allow us to take responsibility for repeatable and measurable effects.

Plan your leaders’ development within the Leadership Academy – a program thanks to which leaders will improve their managerial competences and learn how to build winning teams that effectively carry out tasks and achieve success. 

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