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Leadership Development Intensive

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The most important person you must get to know!

You have met many important people in your career. Some of them have shared their knowledge with you, some have seen a potential leader in you, while others – currently – are working towards your success as a head of the team.

Constantly busy with the matters of so many people around you, you lose the opportunity to get to know and communicate with the most important person in your career. Let us introduce you to . . .  yourself!

The LDI program is the result of over 30 years of experience and cooperation with the biggest companies.

An officer of the USA Navy, pastor, psychologist, consultant and entrepreneur. The author of best-sellers including “Five Questions that Change Everything: Life Lessons at Work”, which has been described as the best book about development in business that has ever been written.

The best managers from 23 countries have completed the Program for the Development of Management and Leadership Skills that he has created.

His practical experience results from cooperation with such firms as Boeing, Exxon, Ford, Marriott, Microsoft, Siemens, Hewitt, Amway, DHL and the government of Canada.

Leadership Development Intensive

Ask yourself “The Five Questions”

How does self-awareness strengthen you as a leader? Watch this film to find out that the type of manager you are depends on the type of person you are. This is the fundamental thesis of dr John Scherer, a world-renowned expert in leadership and the development of organizations, creator of the Leadership Development Intensive training program and author of the bestseller “Five Questions That Change Everything: Life Lessons at Work”. Those questions are:

  • What CONFRONTS me?
  • What am I BRINGING?
  • What has been RUNNING me?
  • What CALLS me?
  • What will UNLEASH me?

Change your life, not yourself!

It’s not about changing yourself. On the contrary, LDI helps you to understand your own needs and actions, so that you can begin to work and live in harmony with yourself and your values in a more satisfactory way, with greater development perspectives and a feeling of work-life balance. With such ambitious assumptions, the program passes beyond the formula of an intensive 3.5-day workshop: it begins with an “interview” and coaching conversation, inspires and equips you with the tools for daily work, and ends with remote support from trainers.

Thanks to this training in Leaders Island your self-awareness, self-confidence and internal harmony will increase in a ground-breaking way, meaning that:

  • you will become aware of why you have been successful and discover how to obtain more successes, as a more mature and charismatic person you will influence others more,
  • you will understand your behavior better and be able to control it,
  • you will widen your repertoire of reactions with more effective strategies of action,
  • you will discover the constructive potential of unavoidable conflicts and crises,
  • you will deal with the stresses of daily duties better,
  • you will work and live with better balance and a feeling of sense.

See what participants of our training say

I have participated in the LDI workshop two years ago. Looking back to, I have to say, that it really opened a new chapter in my whole life. It was at that time, when I realized that only when self-conscious, balanced and forced with inner harmony I can do great things both at work and in private life. It also showed me, how important soft skills are. I feel completely satisfied with my personal development and also, much happier.

Edward Rejmer

Head of Finance

The course has forever changed my life, and is priceless!

C. Arnold


Do not take this course if you have any fears about examining who you are, or why you work, lead, live and breathe as you do now. Take it as climbers and divers take the heights and depths. Take it in order to know where it is possible to go.

V. Robinson


Simply stunning!

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