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In this area, we will help you get to know yourself better and understand your strengths more. Through the use of data-based knowledge and proven psychometric research, you will deepen your self-awareness, which will translate into more effective work and making better decisions. The Personal Development Center is the area where we focus on individual development. It is a cornerstone on which you can build various competencies that would be useful on different stages of your career.

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Personal development is the basis of success

Personal development trainings has a special place in the Leaders Island offer and philosophy. We believe that they are an excellent starting point for learning a number of other competencies. Participants of our programs learn about their strengths and weaknesses, thanks to which they are able to precisely define the space with potential for growth.

All programs are based on verified scientific knowledge, which we share with participants in an accessible way. Understanding the mechanisms of human functioning, psyche, emotions and motivation is the basis for effective action. During workshops, we use only proven psychometric tests that meet all the criteria of reliable scientific studies.

During the programs we offer in the Personal Development Center, we place great emphasis on practice. The formula we have adopted is a self-development workshop based on original exercises encouraging participants to go beyond their comfort zone, thanks to which they can – under the watchful and supportive eye of the mentor – develop and learn from their own mistakes. 

We will be happy to help you choose the best training tailored to your needs.

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