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Time Management
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A 4-hour online workshop where you will learn effective tools to help you manage your time, set priorities and delegate tasks. You will learn techniques that will allow you to invest your recovered time in strategic tasks and team development.

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Use the potential of effective time planning to work according to priorities, act more calmly and delegate more effectively.
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Training’s description

A leader functions in a world full of tasks and is a part of a network of interdependencies created by people from their team and other leaders in the organization. 

During this 4-hour online workshop, our mentor will present practical models supporting time management and delegating tasks within the team and up the organizational structure. The aim of the meeting will also be to provide participants with tools to help them achieve clarity and transparency of the decision-making process, assign priorities and realistically assess the significance of emerging challenges.


During the workshop, you will be provided with a number of exercises and practices in which you will experience how important the ability to manage time effectively and efficiently is.

Get inspired

You will learn specific tools for setting priorities and delegating tasks. You will receive valuable tips and practice the ability to control your own time.

Put into practice

You will learn how to organize your work and that of your colleagues despite time pressure, problems, multitude of tasks and contexts. You will be able to use this knowledge in your professional and private life, and greater awareness and skills will help you better manage your team in times of chaos and change and take better care of yourself in times of stress.

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What can you expect?

Time management and delegation is a 4-hour online workshop (in Polish or English), during which we will provide you with knowledge from the experience of practitioners.

Reliable knowledge

During the workshop, its mentor will provide you with knowledge on how to work with tasks and topics, the multitude of which "attack" you on a daily basis. You will learn how to consciously work with your available time to be a more effective leader and collaborator.


During a 4-hour online session with a mentor, you will take part in practical exercises, recognize your own areas for development and receive tips for your daily work.


You will learn specific tools and exercises during sessions in a safe environment. The workshop materials will also provide you with a reference point and a set of knowledge that you can easily use in your work and private life.

Mentor’s experience

During the session, you will benefit from the many years of experience of a mentor working every day in a corporate environment, but also in the world of sports and scouting.


The aim of the training is to equip leaders with the skills and tools necessary to effectively manage time and delegate tasks. Training participants will learn how to:

  • Define your priorities and plan your time
  • Avoid distractions and concentrate on important tasks
  • Effectively delegate tasks to other people
  • Motivate and develop team member
  • Set clear goals and expectations
  • Monitor progress and make adjustments as necessary

Module 1: Time management

- What is effective time management?
- Identification of time waste spots
- Planning and prioritization techniques

Module 2: Delegation

- Benefits of delegation
- When to delegate and to whom to delegate to
- How to effectively delegate tasks
- Delegation and control

Benefits of participating in the training:

Participants will:
- acquire skills in effective time management and delegating tasks
- learn to identify and eliminate time waste spots
- be able to set priorities and plan their time optimally
- gain the ability to effectively delegate tasks to other people
- learn to build trust and motivate team members
- be able to monitor progress and make adjustments if necessary.

What will be your takeaways?

Meet this training’s mentor

Dawid Ostręga

I am not a trainer, “coach” or theoretician. I am a team building specialist, which I have proven in many places and in various fields.

I managed companies such as EPAM System, IBM, SolarWinds and SKK. I created four development centers in Krakow from scratch.

During this workshop – through exercises – I provide practical knowledge and skills in time management, setting priorities, delegating tasks and responsibilities, along with risk analysis.

Listen to the podcast [in Polish] with the mentor of this workshop and learn more about team building

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Time Management and Delegating

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745 PLN +23% VAT
Leaders Island szkolenia
Leaders Island szkolenia

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