Jarosław Bodnar
Head Of Software Development, Miquido

Usually, I have had bad experiences – trainings that were uninteresting or the level of the participants was not appropriately adjusted… And I usually ended up working on various conferences because the speakers effectively put me to sleep. This caused me to close myself off to outside knowledge for years.

When someone recommended Leaders Island to me, I was very skeptical. To such an extent (befitting a self-confident manager) that I called Józef (founder of Leaders Island) to ask whether the training was really for me. After all, I am young in age but not necessarily in experience, and the Foundation of a Young Leader probably was not for me. Finally, I took a risk and it didn’t end with just one training session.

Each training is unique. With industry specialists, with people who have extensive experience in what they do. I was never bored for a moment, and many exercises and events remained in my memory; I come back to them in my everyday managerial life.

After three trainings, I can recommend each of them, so if the topic interests you, you can be sure that you will receive what you expect. In my company, Leaders Island training courses are currently on the most recommended list. For both managers and technical people interested in something more than technology…

Individual team effectiveness – Leaders Island
Addressed to people who want to check how they make decisions, whether they make them at all, and whether they work effectively under stress. This training is not for everyone, more for people in higher roles or with more experience, mature people who want to know the motivations for their behavior. Because after this training, you may find that working under stress is not for you (for example, as a manager). The training also shows how important team composition is. You can expect a lot of examples from the army and team building that can be translated into our lives as managers.

The Foundation of a Young Leader – Leaders Island
I recommend it for people with shorter experience to learn good practices. For people with more experience who are stuck in a certain loop with no exit/development – it gives the opportunity to consult ideas or inspiration. It organizes knowledge very well from A to Z and I recommend it to everyone.

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