Below The Waterline

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Leaders often focus almost entirely on management areas: creating an effective operating plan and managing people’s time and effort. However, many leaders are not aware of a different dimension: a world John calls ‘Below the Waterline’, where all the human interactions, emotions and opinions happen. Moving smoothly between the two worlds is what makes great leaders great.

dr John Scherer

An officer of the USA Navy, pastor, psychologist, consultant and entrepreneur. The author of best-sellers including “Five Questions that Change Everything: Life Lessons at Work”, which has been described as the best book about development in business that has ever been written. The best managers from 28 countries have completed the Program for the Development of Management and Leadership Skills that he has created. His practical experience results from cooperation with such firms as Boeing, Exxon, Ford, Marriott, Microsoft, Siemens, Hewitt, Amway, DHL and the government of Canada. In Poland he has supported the boards of such companies as Orlen, Netia, AMRest and PLAY. 

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