Love & Peace (of Mind): The Unexpected Paths to Better Leadership

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Mobiconf // Love & Peace (of Mind): The Unexpected Paths to Better Leadership, 23.11.2018

Our client’s idea is stupid. I don’t want to do it. Someone has erased my code. This S#&@* doesn’t make any sense. I’m tired. I hate my job! Have you ever heard any of these? Had a feeling your teammate wants to flip a table, they are under the weather, demotivated, sad, or even kind of burned out? People around you, or you as a leader, can no longer handle the steam and it starts influencing their sleeping habits, or a general quality of life?

During this talk, we would try to find out together:
– how to lead from both head and heart
– what connects team building and love
– what compassionate leadership is
– how to use mindfulness at work
→ and how to embrace those in your everyday professional life – especially when leading a team – to feel better and achieve more together.

PS. This talk is not only for managers and “owners” of stuff. All team members are more than welcome to come onboard.

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