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Mental Resilience and Flexibility of a Leader

A 4-hour online workshop where you will learn techniques and tools to help you manage stress and uncertainty, build mental resilience, and healthy flexibility in your professional life and motivation.

Odporność psychiczna i elastyczność lidera - Warsztat online
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Tap into the potential of your own flexibility and adaptability through techniques for coping with stress and uncertainty. Take care of your mental resilience and motivate yourself and your colleagues.
Please contact: / ONLINE / Polish & English (4h)
945 PLN + 23% VAT

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Training’s description

A leader functions in a world of change, a multitude of tasks and contexts, different needs of people around them, goals and a tight schedules. 

During this 4-hour online workshop, our mentor will present you with practical knowledge gained from thousands of hours of work as a leader, mentor and business coach. You will be supported through open dialogue, tools and motivation to find workarounds for your limitations.


During the workshop, you will have a series of exercises and practices in which you will experience how important it is to manage stress, take care of your motivation and build healthy boundaries.

Get inspired

You will learn how to use tools to build mental resilience and flexibility in the many contexts in which you work. You will receive specific tips on how to have greater control over stress and demands of your work as a leader.

Put into practice

You will learn how to build a healthy approach to work despite time pressure, problems, tasks and contexts. You will be able to use this knowledge in your professional and private life, and greater awareness will help you better manage yourself and your team in times of chaos and change, and, above all, take better care of yourself in times of stress.

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What can you expect?

Mental Resilience and Flexibility of a Leader is a 4-hour online workshop (in Polish or English), during which we will provide you with knowledge derived from practical experience.

Reliable knowledge

During the workshop, the mentor will provide you with knowledge about working with stress, the so-called mental “resilience”, flexibility, adaptability in the role of a leader and with self- and other-motivation.


During a 4-hour online session with a mentor, you will take part in practical exercises and receive tips for everyday work. You will learn tools and get to know your areas for development.


You will learn specific tools and exercises (self-assessment, interactive work in small groups) during sessions in a safe environment. The workshop materials will also provide you with a reference point and a set of knowledge that you can easily use later in your work and private life.

Mentor’s experience

During the session, you will benefit from the mentor's many years of experience (over 3,000 hours of sessions) working every day in a corporate environment on the development of talents and managers, as well as in performance coaching.


Module 1: Prevention

- Mental resilience - what exactly is it?
- My mental resilience - where am I today?
- Why does a leader need mental resilience?
- What exactly can I do to take care of myself?
- What exactly can I do to take care of the team?

Mental resilience is a skill, which means... It can be learned! In this part, we will assess our own mental resilience and define what elements may influence it. We will discuss the leader's responsibility for decisions, results and team in the changing world.

Module 2: When do you need help?

- Emergency alarms - how to recognize them?
- Emergency alarms - what to do?

We will discuss emergency alarms that you can observe in yourself and/or those around you that indicate that someone is in a bad mental state and needs help. We will list the possibilities that are available to the leader in such situations and discuss the issue of boundaries.


During the training, you will develop your own action plan that can be implemented in your daily work to strengthen your mental resilience. We will also discuss exercises for further work.

What will be your takeaways?

Participants will get:

Meet this training’s mentor

Paulina Gucka

I started working in an outsourcing call center, where every minute on the line with a client was valuable because that’s where the money was. To this day, in my work as a facilitator and coach, it is important for me to achieve maximum benefits with a person or team in a minimum of time, because… the client is waiting.

The human mind is extremely powerful. I love working with the limits we place on ourselves and on it. Determination and consistency come from knowing your inner needs. I call them a power generator.

I covered over 3,000 hours of trainings with groups in Polish and English. I have conducted over 1,100 hours of business coaching and discussed over 300 RMP profiles for individual and business clients (NPS from the profile discussion is 9.8 on a scale of 10).

Listen to the podcast [in Polish]

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Mental Resilience and Flexibility of a Leader

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945 PLN +23% VAT
Leaders Island szkolenia
Leaders Island szkolenia

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