Introducing Mindfulness

It is a workshop for managers and employees who want to develop their headspace and consciously respond to challenges, as well as make well-balanced decisions in both professional and personal life.

Wprowadzenie do mindfulness
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Harness the potential of mindfulness and distance from the chaos of your mind to achieve peace and act more effectively.
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Wprowadzenie do mindfulness

Workshop description

Introducing Mindfulness is a three one-hour online sessions where we invite you to work on your: headspace, peace of mind, building a healthy perspective on everyday life events, and on how to consciously respond to difficult situations. Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, you will have the opportunity to learn tools to effectively harness your own mind’s potential and care for your well-being and the well-being of those around you.


During the workshop, you will engage in a series of exercises and practices where you will experience the importance of mindfulness, purposeful directing of attention, detachment from your own and others' emotions, "anchoring" in the present moment, balance, and peace of mind. You will learn about the key mechanisms governing our thinking and actions, and you will discover how to close and open yourself to stimuli bombarding us from all sides.

Get inspired

You will learn how to build and utilize mindfulness for your personal development and in relationships with others. You will receive specific guidance and practice on how to gain greater control over your own mind, as well as approach yourself and others with more kindness and care.

Put into practice

You will learn how, despite time pressure, problems, a multitude of stimuli, tasks, and contexts, to calm your mind and bring peace to your thoughts, decision-making processes, and perception of reality. You will be able to use this knowledge in your professional and personal life, and increased mindfulness and awareness will help you better manage your team in times of chaos and change, as well as take better care of your well-being in stressful situations.

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What awaits you?

Introducing Mindfulness is a workshop focusing on working with the mind (which can be trained like any other muscle), building headspace, and behaving consciously in stressful situations.

Reliable Knowledge

During the workshop, its mentor will provide you with scientifically verified knowledge about how the mind works, as well as exercises. You will learn and understand the mechanisms influencing our thinking, reactions, and behaviors. You will learn how to consciously work with your mind and body to become a more aware and balanced individual, leader, and team member.


During the three online sessions with a mentor, you will participate in practical exercises and receive tips for work outside of the sessions. You will become familiar with your resources, limitations, areas for development, and learn how mindfulness can help you perceive more, distance yourself, and shape your behavior in moments of greater emotional strain.


You will learn specific exercises during the sessions in a safe and supportive environment. We will also provide you with a set of practices for daily work, which will help you continue your mindfulness practice. The course manual will also provide you with a reference point and a collection of knowledge that you can easily use in your work and personal life.

Mentor’s experience

During the session, you will benefit from the extensive experience of a mentor who works daily in a corporate environment as well as at the University of Oxford. The knowledge you will gain will be supported not only by thousands of hours of the mentor's mindfulness practice but also by research results in psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience.

Introducing Mindfulness - Program

Session 1 - Paying Attention

The first session will contain both theoretical elements about the brain and practical exercises. We'll start with a short video activity and then talk about the importance of attention. In the next step, we will begin an exercise aimed at training our mindfulness and noticing the effort involved in focusing the mind. After this, we will move on to a group discussion and then do an exercise during which we will learn how to train attention in everyday situations. In the final part, we will consider where most of our attention usually gets distracted and learn an exercise to counteract this. The session will end with a summary and tips of what should be practiced before the next week.

Session 2 - Perspective

This session expands on and deepens what we learned previous week. We will start with a pleasant calming practice to help us start the session well. Then, we will talk about thinking and consider how much time we spend on it daily. We will deepen this topic through a music activity, followed by further explanation. Finally, you will get an extremely effective exercise that will help you broaden your perspective.

Session 3 - Responding vs. Reacting

We will start the last session with a group exercise , followed by a discussion on the differences between automatic and conscious reactions in everyday situations. We will work together on techniques that will help you take control of your learned automatisms. The session will end with a summary, reflections and next steps on the way to a more conscious life.

What will be your takeaways from this workshop?

Meet the Mentor

Patrick Kozakiewicz
Patrick Kozakiewicz
I teach how to lead a fulfilled life through mindfulness-based practices, agile thinking and life coaching. Events I have experienced, such as being a refugee, surviving a terrorist attack, or being in a war zone, have allowed me to find my purpose and life mission – supporting people and helping them find peace and fulfillment in a dynamic world.

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