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Powerful Speaking Arena

In this area, you will develop your competencies in public speaking and creating engaging presentations. We will teach you how to speak to effectively convey your thoughts and intentions and have the intended impact on the recipient – regardless of whether you are speaking at a large conference or communicating 1:1. Powerful Speaking Arena is a zone where you will build self-confidence and learn to persuasively communicate your needs.

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Development of key competencies

The ability to deliver engaging public presentations is a key competence that we use not only during large conferences or client meetings. In fact, it is one of the most important skills that allow us to effectively convey our thoughts and ideas, gain the attention of listeners and… achieve our intended goals.

At Leaders Island, we place great emphasis on practice, so in the area of Powerful Speaking Arena, solid public speaking training awaits. Under the supervision of experienced practitioners, you will use proven tools that will help you learn to formulate engaging and persuasive messages as well as gain and maintain the audience’s attention.

An inherent element of engaging speeches is building self-confidence, appropriate body language and the ability to control emotions. The workshops we offer are a great opportunity to improve those elements that will translate into your effectiveness in various areas of your professional and private life. 

We will be happy to help you choose the best training tailored to your needs.

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Powerful Public Speaking  (English)

Development Areas

Explore the latest storytelling techniques and become a master of public speaking
New date soon (English version) / Kraków
2930 PLN + VAT

Presenting Data Through Story (English)

Development Areas

Learn how to use storytelling techniques to make data presentations engaging.
New date soon (English version) / Kraków
1815 PLN + VAT

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Meeting with Leaders Island is a unique experience that will pay off in both your professional and private life.

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