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Powerful Public Speaking 

Use new storytelling tools and learn what to say and how to
say it to make a lasting impression on your audience!

Master the art of presentations!

9-10 October (English version) / Kraków  Workshop in Kraków
2664 PLN + 23% VAT

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Use new storytelling tools and learn what to say and how to say it to make a lasting impression on your audience!

Master the art of presentations!

Do you feel nervous just thinking about public speaking or you find it difficult to keep your audience engaged during online sessions? Or maybe quite the contrary, that’s when you’re in your element? In both cases, we would like to invite you to attend our workshop! On the one hand, it will boost your self-confidence, while on the other hand, it will help you organize your skills and ensure that what you say is not an occasional stroke of talent, but a fully conscious action intended to create repeatable results. Under the watchful eye of an experienced practitioner, you will acquire competences backed up with interdisciplinary knowledge, from psychology to… narrative theories. Get ready to make many new discoveries, as we offer…

Let’s get to know each other…
Don Allen

I am passionate about people, building teams and… success. Those are the factors that formed by career path.

I’m a dynamic entrepreneur with a proven track record of success in diverse business ventures, from building and managing coffee shops and gyms to launching a successful modelling agency. With a focus on cost-control and service improvement, I’ve transformed a low-turnover restaurant into a high-volume success, increasing sales by 100%.

Additionally, I was responsible for the successful implementation of the UK Governments “Investors in People” program across 13 restaurants and bars nationwide, demonstrating a commitment to investing in and developing people.

In the film industry, I’ve successfully produced and directed both a micro-budget and a £1.5 million budget feature film.

Furthermore, I am a dedicated mentor and teacher, leading workshops in some of the most challenging schools in London and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

Don Allen
Don Allen szkolenia training
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Our clients:

The form of the training seminar

Szkolenie z wystąpień publicznych "Angażujące wystąpienia i prezentacje" - grafika oferty szkolenia

A workshop unlike any other

Most likely, you have taken part in training courses that focused on technical aspects of presentations: how to write headings, how many bullets a single slide should have, what pictures to choose. Quite probably, you have also been to workshops that dealt with simple aspects of social engineering. How to speak to sound convincing. How to position your hands. In which minute the obligatory joke should be made. Sure, all of this is important, but definitely not the most important because…

What counts today is engaging stories!

Everyone is talking about storytelling. However, few can use this tool during a presentation. However, if you put your arguments across in the form of an attractive story, you will be able to face the greatest barrier: the listener’s resistance—his or her tiredness, shifts of attentions, boredom, skepticism, and even reluctance. Step by step, we will go through what you should say, how to do it, and who to speak to, so as to make the addressee change his or her beliefs and encourage them to act.

Even if you are not a born speaker, your presentations will be remembered and will start to produce results.

Szkolenie z wystąpień publicznych "Angażujące wystąpienia i prezentacje" - grafika oferty szkolenia
Szkolenie z wystąpień publicznych "Angażujące wystąpienia i prezentacje" - grafika oferty szkolenia

Right, greatfibs, but where are the numbers?

Don’t worry and don’t think that our workshops are intended to motivate just the… motivational speakers. If we inspire you, that’s great, but it’s mostly about providing you with efficient tools. We will practice a 10-step formula that will allow you to get the approval for even the most boring Excel datasheet or other scientific data. Like with any other training course at Leaders Island, we focus on practical aspects, so you will address your first new presentation based on the 10 steps to us. Convince us and other participants!

During the workshop I will share with you my experience gained in business area, film and theatre industry. I will help you on your journey to powerful and persuasive public speaking.

Don Allen

Thanks to this training course at Leaders Island, you will:

  • learn to recognize the needs of your audience and adjust your presentation accordingly,
  • create room for communication, which will allow you to convince the audience more easily,
  • be able to define in detail the effect you want to produce,
  • formulate clear and engaging key messages,
  • choose the right narrative for your reasoning,
  • learn about the formula for engaging and sustaining audience’s interest.

Learn how to formulate clear and engaging key messages

Learn about the formula for engaging and sustaining audience’s interest.

Learn how to choose the right narrative for your reasoning.

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Date and place:
9-10 October (English version) / Kraków
2664 PLN + 23% VAT


One-2-one with Mentor

If after the training you would like to further refine your newly acquired skills, we suggest an additional meeting:

One-2-one with Mentor

Unleash your full potential and captivate your audience with our bespoke one-to-one presentation and public speaking services. Say goodbye to stress and hello to confident and impactful speeches. Don will provide personalised guidance and feedback to help you deliver a dynamic and memorable performance.

We believe that each client is unique and so should be their presentation. We offer a tailored approach, from body language to voice projection, we will equip you with the skills to communicate with confidence and charisma.

Don’s one-to-one service offers a supportive and encouraging environment, where you can practice and perfect your delivery with ease. He will provide constructive criticism and positive reinforcement to help you grow as a speaker and achieve your goals.

Take your presentation game to the next level and stand out from the crowd with Don’s bespoke one-to-one service. Book your consultation today and start your journey to confident, compelling presentations.


1 hour consultation price: 700 PLN netto.

If you would like to sign up, please send us an email: biuro@leadersisland.com

Join a follow-up workshop for those who attended “Powerful Public Speaking”

Presenting Data Through Story

Presenting Data Through Story (English Edition)

See what participants of our training say

Edy Lara - IT Global SIAM Operations Manager

Good foundation course to start in the journey of public speaking with the help of experienced trainers and friendly materials.

Mateusz Hoffman - Innovation Delivery Lead at IT Innovation Accelerator

Great Training! David’s experience in business / corporate helped to relate with some examples and really leave with practical takeway. Don’s confidence, actor skills and great presence make those two perfect setup – like Ying &Yang.

Roman Klin - Technology Scouting Lead at IT Innovation Accelerator

That was a pleasure to participate in the workshop. It was great organized since the very beginning to the last minute. I strongly recommend it!

Bartłomiej Kapuśniak - Global IS Domain Architect for IaaS, Compute & Storage

For being Great Team which build AWESOME Public Speakers.

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