The effectiveness of marketing

Recently, the world of marketing has changed beyond recognition. On one hand, we can see new trends and consumer behaviour, and on the other – new expectations and approaches to marketing itself. This has created a dilemma among those who approve the marketing activities we conduct. Why? Is it worth it? Is it not better to spend money on other expenses?

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The effectiveness of marketing, that is why I always see that my glass is half full

Then, it most frequently turns out that we approach planned activities from the end, without treating them like other investments. But we should! After all, quantifiable results are expected from us. Marketing is not only about taking care of an image – even during the initial planning stages of activities, gauges should be defined precisely and processes established.

What should we start from and what should we pay attention to? Here are a few practical tips:

  • varied contact details depending on the marketing channels used, enabling the categorisation of client sources, e.g. telephone number, e-mail address, dedicated landing page,
  • after-sales surveys enabling additional information to be obtained about the client and the sources of knowledge about the product/service,
  • discount codes and vouchers designated for defined campaigns,
  • tests, tests and more tests to research the influence of advertisements on given groups of clients,
  • analysis of all pre-sales marketing activities, in order to verify common denominators.

How can we implement these ideas in our marketing processes? Especially during times when buyers expect the supply of values and look for new contents, analyse the opinions of friends in social media, read our e-mails and text messages, and also come into contact with particular information about our company before they enter into direct contact with us?

Support may come from the implementation of the Marketing Automation concept for the management of marketing processes. This aims to increase the effectiveness of campaigns conducted through the automatic collection and processing of information concerning potential consumers (the so-called sales leads). Based on the obtained demographic information and knowledge concerning the behaviour of users on websites, a special system sends personalised marketing messages, in accordance with our strategy, to recipients.

The next article will present a portion of my thoughts on the popular idea: “Crises in social media explode during weekends”. Are they only during the weekends? We will focus on the management of brand monitoring.

Dagmara Plata Alf

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