Communication is Your Work – worker edition (work relations)

Communication is your work – work edition (work relations) – Polish Edition

We teach you the techniques of communication

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Training description

We teach you the techniques of communication

Based on real knowledge from the area of applied psychology. We will share with you the experience of practitioners of the most frequently conducted discussions in organizations. You will receive specific and effective rules of conversation, tailored to your needs, ensuring the safety of emotions and confidence while realizing the interests of both you and your co-workers.


Be effective in daily communication.

Communication is a basis of your work, something that managers do before, during and after taking decisions. That’s why it is especially important to communicate effectively in the most common professional situations. Thanks to training in Leaders Island, you can master skills in:

  • providing positive feedback,
  • motivating others into change,
  • being assertive,
  • discussions during conflict,
  • constructive defence of your position,
  • effective formulation of requests to others.


Understand what communication is.

You will communicate properly if your co-workers hear you well, clearly understand your message and get to know your intentions.

We want you to obtain the ability to recognise and reduce:

  • errors during the evaluation of situations,
  • barriers in inter-personal communication,
  • blockades in the formation of effective social relations.


Find out how your mind works.

Effective communication is control over the emotions, constructive thought, influencing others, building relations etc, in other words, using your own mind.

That’s why we supply you with tested psychological support in the fields of:

  • the mechanisms of thought,
  • decision-making strategy,
  • mind traps.


Solve conflicts skilfully, using the experience of negotiators and mediators.

Leadership is mainly about building relations, designating and informing about common goals, influencing others, motivating and inspiring. Equally important is to increase the skills of team members so they can work more effectively, learn to create success and also to discover the taste of defeat.

A good manager is not afraid of bad news. Thanks to it, the manager can take conscious decisions and help in the drive towards given goals. Suitably-used conflict is an opportunity to develop workers and increase the team’s effectiveness.

The quality of each relation is affected by the skill to resolve conflict. This is an inseparable element of each social relationship, so we learn and develop them. That’s why it is worth learning how to manage it.

We teach you how to:
  • recognise conflict situations and take advantage of them constructively,
  • use your potential for resolving conflict,
  • effectively solve conflicts through negotiation and mediation.

What will you bring back from the training seminar?

Thanks to our training in Leaders Island

you will:

  • take advantage of the potential of your mind and avoid its limitations during communication;
  • communicate so that your co-workers understand your intentions
  • yeffectively manage conflicts in professional and personal relations through negotiation and mediation;
  • build your communication potential in inter-personal relations, ensuring emotional and business security;
  • be able to use practical patterns during daily communication, which is, after all, a basis of your work.

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