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In this area, you will develop your leadership skills by working with experienced mentors on your managerial competencies. Leadership Campus is an area where we share good practices and reliably verified knowledge in the fields of management and team leadership.

Leadership Campus - Obszary rozwoju - Leaders Island
Leaders Island - Nasze podejście

Our approach

Dynamic and uncertain times require specific skills from managers that will enable them to lead their team to a common goal. A leader’s work is carried out in relationships with team mates, which is why all Leadership Campus programs not only develop individual competencies of a manager, but also strengthen responsibility for the team. We create our programs basing on our own leadership competence model, Leading a Winning Team.

This model is a synthesis of the extensive managerial experience of practitioners cooperating with Leaders Island and conclusions from many years of research on factors influencing leadership effectiveness.

Competencies in this model are grouped into three key areas of leader activity (Leading, Winning, Team) and three perspectives in which each leader operates (Personal, Team, Organization). The combination of these two contexts creates a transparent model of competencies and skills, which facilitates the effective development of the leader and their career.

We will be happy to help you choose the best training tailored to your needs.

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The Foundations of a Young Leader (Polish Edition)

Development Areas

Gain the knowledge and practical skills necessary to be an effective leader.
15-16, 23-24 May 2024 / Krakow
4645 PLN + VAT

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Leaders Island
Leaders Island

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