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Use the facilitator's tools and conduct interesting, effective meetings.
26-27 September 2024 / Kraków / Polish (2 days, on-site)
2930 PLN + 23% VAT

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Workshop’s description

Meetings are an integral part of working with a team. A well-prepared, conducted and successfully completed meeting enables information to be conveyed, decisions to be made and work to be carried out. An effective meeting engages and supports participants, fills them with energy and satisfaction with achieved results.

Is this always the case?

We often hear that meetings are a "necessary evil" in today's organizations, a waste of time and energy that should be spent on "real" work. Always too long, usually not adding value. Certainly, participating in such meetings is also your experience.

Meetings we don't want to take part in

The first reason why we don't want to take part in some meetings is that they are...boring. Slow, uninvolving, dry in content, with one-way communication from the host. They lack tension, a good script and the element of conflict, which is crucial to engage people.

Ineffective meetings

Second reason is that meetings are ineffective, that is, they provide no value to the people who organize and participate in them. Such meetings are unprepared, their structure is ill-thought-out, the selection of topics is random, and the exercises do not support group work or do not exist at all. The result is that participants do not create results because they do not know what their role is in the meeting, what they should do during it and how.

A good facilitator looks for ways to discover constructive conflict, disagreement and exchange of arguments that will keep the group engaged and enable the achievement of satisfying, content-rich results. They spend time – a lot of time – preparing the meeting, selecting various techniques, exercises, tools and the course of the meeting to suit the types of issues discussed.

During this workshop, we will focus mainly on practice – you will learn effective facilitation techniques and practice them under the supervision of an experienced mentor.

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Workshop’s program - scope

Effective meetings are those that engage participants and lead to achieving the intended goals.

The Form of this Workshop

At Leaders Island, we pay great attention to practice, so during this workshop you will take part in a series of exercises using high-fidelity simulations. You will experience for yourself how the tools and techniques you learn influence the course and results of meetings. You will be able to count on reliable feedback from the mentor, who will support you by actively organizing your activities and providing knowledge and examples from the their own practice.

Effective meetings

During the workshop, we will practice conducting effective meetings, i.e. meetings during which:
- you achieve the goal and result of the meeting;
- you use group work methods that achieve the goal;
- you support the processes taking place between participants so that they help in their work during the meeting and, after its completion, leave the participants with the feeling of a task well done;
- the participants will know the actions required of them after the meeting.

Take part in a two-day expedition into meetings

If you want your meetings to be effective, we invite you to join the workshop and take part in a two-day expedition through the hills and valleys of interesting, effective facilitation. During this adventure, you will become the group's guide: you will prepare and lead meetings, ensuring that the participants of this escapade are engaged and that you achieve the previously planned results together. You will also ensure the safety of your companions by responding appropriately to difficult - and unexpected - situations that may arise. As a participant in a series of meetings, you will also be able to evaluate them and provide feedback to your facilitator, which will allow him to assess the quality of his facilitation.

Scenarios of difficult meetings

During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to gain experience in the following types of meetings:
- Troubleshooting;
- Status meeting - review of work progress;
- Escalation;
- Emergency situation management;
- "Town Hall" information meeting;
- Action planning;
- Decision making.

What will be your takeaways from the effective facilitation workshop?

After this workshop at Leaders Island, the meetings you lead will be interesting and effective because You will learn:

Additionally, after the training, you will be able to “recover” a few hours each week of your work, because you will learn how to recognize an unprepared meeting that is not worth participating in – and therefore you will decline several invitations.

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Learn how to achieve the desired results in your meeting by working with engaged participants

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Meet this training’s mentors

Marek Cienkiewicz

I am passionate about organizing interesting meetings. Interesting, i.e. engaging participants; those where goals are achieved and everyone knows why they are participating in the meeting. I believe that time is a critical resource and you cannot afford to waste it by attending ineffective meetings. In my professional practice, I have become adept at declining invitations to meetings that I do not need.

Listen to our podcast [in Polish] and learn more about effective facilitation of meetings

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The workshop takes place in person in Krakow (Podole Street 60) and lasts from 9:00 AM to 4:30 / 5:00 PM (with a 1-hour lunch break).
An ONLINE workshop is no different in terms of content or delivered value compared to an in-person training session. All elements that affect the interactivity of the workshop, participant engagement, and the hands-on nature of this experience have been maintained. After the online workshops, we receive extremely enthusiastic feedback in our surveys.
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