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Motivation and engagement

During this 4-hour online workshop, you will learn about motivation and employee engagement. Its mentor will present these two interdependent mechanisms, which reinforce each other but are not synonymous.

You will understand how motivation drives people’s energy and willingness to take action, and engagement creates a deeper connection to the company’s goals and values.

You will learn how various motivational strategies can increase the engagement of your team and how to monitor and maintain high levels of engagement in the long term.

We will also share techniques that will help you effectively inspire and mobilize employees to achieve common goals, while creating a more productive and satisfying work environment.

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Use the potential of motivation and engagement to lead your team more effectively to their goal, while creating a more productive and satisfying work environment.
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Training’s description

This is a bite size for leaders who want to wisely lead their team to their goal, supporting high motivation and commitment of each teammate.


During the workshop, you will learn about the sources of motivation and engagement as well as methods of their scientific measurement, which will radically change the quality of teamwork and, consequently, the goals you can achieve, the style in which you do it and the emotions that accompany you while working.

Get inspired

You will learn how to use the tools received at the workshop to diagnose and strengthen employee motivation and commitment. You will learn how these factors translate into employee behavior.

Put into practice

You will receive specific recommendations that can be used in your everyday work. By using the Toolbox you will receive, you will be able to use this knowledge in your team, which will allow you to clearly define what you need to increase the effectiveness of the team you work with.

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What can you expect?

Motivation and commitment is a 4-hour online workshop during which we will provide you with knowledge from the experience of practitioners. Work with your team with more energy and passion.

Reliable knowledge

During the workshop, its mentor will provide you with knowledge about the key factors influencing employee motivation and commitment. You will learn how to recognize the individual needs of team members and how to effectively motivate them to achieve common goals.


During a 4-hour online session with a mentor, you will take part in practical exercises and receive tips for everyday work. You will learn techniques for building commitment and motivation that you will be able to immediately apply to your team.


You will learn specific tools and methods that will help you maintain a high level of motivation in your team. You will receive a set of training materials that will constitute a reference point and a set of knowledge that you can easily use in your work and private life. Additionally, you will learn how to create a work environment that promotes commitment and how to deal with motivational challenges in a dynamically changing business environment.

Mentor’s experience

During the session, you will benefit from the many years of experience of a mentor working every day in a corporate environment, but also in the world of sports and scouting.


Module 1: Motivation

- sources of internal motivation
- model of human behavior
- motivation diagnosis
- how motivators work at the individual level
- team motivation

Module 2: Engagement

- conditions necessary to achieve employee commitment
- commitment diagnosis
- commitment in the team

What will be your takeaways?

Participants will:

Meet this training’s mentor

Józef Kącki

Is it possible to follow a path other than engineering after graduating from a leading technical university? My story shows that education is only the beginning of the journey…

I had built my skills as a manager, and then as a leader, based on training, MBA studies and mentors’ advice. Above all, I reflected on everyday challenges, successes and failures. I have gained experience for 10 years in the IT industry, managing PM, marketing and professional services departments. I was the managing director of the first company listed on New Connect.

I am passionate about psychology, personal effectiveness, using one’s own potential, and translating these areas into group work. Achieving goals as a team – that would be inaccessible even to brilliant individuals – gives me great joy.

During this workshop – through exercises – I provide practical knowledge and skills in the field of motivation research, motivating and building commitment with the team.

Listen to the podcast [in Polish] with the mentor of this workshop and learn more about internal motivation

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745 PLN +23% VAT
Leaders Island szkolenia
Leaders Island szkolenia

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