Your Brain is a Liar: Cognitive Pitfalls at Work & How to Fight Them

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Mobiconf Conference // Your Brain is a Liar: Cognitive Pitfalls at Work & How to Fight Them, 20.12.2021 Mobiconf Online 2021

Your brain is a liar. It plays tricks, deceives, and creates illusions behind your back. Fallacies lurk in the shadows of all work- (and private-life) related activities: planning, managing, controlling, choosing between costs and benefits, estimating projects, you name it.

Gorillas, too, are among dozens of cognitive biases – tactics our brains use to fill up the cracks in perception and gaps in knowledge to relieve themselves of work too tiresome to bear.

How to face them, especially in the era of information overload?

Come with me for a short trip down the slippery slope of your own mind. We would take on a few real-life examples from project management and try to learn how to outtrick our brains. Why? To plan more wisely, be a better manager, developer, or designer, and a more cautious human being.

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