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The foundations of a young Leader
(English Edition)

Team Manager workshop

New date soon / Kraków / Poland


Training description

Development in Leaders Island will be a trip away from frustration, uncertainty, repeated mistakes and misunderstandings towards effective action resulting from personal managerial effectiveness built upon solid foundations. We share with you the most important experiences from this stage of professional development.

First of all, manage your team.

The effectiveness of your team depends on whether you are an effective manager or not. You have to be able to liberate energy and loyalty in those you manage. Only a united common goal of a group of motivated workers will lift the organisation to a higher level.

On the first day of training you will learn:

  • methods of assessing your team members,
  • effective communication,
  • techniques for motivating workers.

Secondly, count on your team.

You are not responsible just for your results, but for the work of your team. Now it is not enough just to manage, it is necessary to inspire! Many people realize this through a process of trial and error. We help you to avoid this and enter a path to build strong engaging leadership

On the second day of training, you learn:

  • task delegation techniques,
  • to take advantage of your management style,
  • to build the image of a leader.

Thirdly, introduce innovations and manage time.

Changes are a daily part of effective organizations and their managers. Constant improvement increases efficiency, and innovation creates a competitive edge. In order to achieve these benefits, you have to work in a time suitable to your new roles.

On the third day of training, you learn:

  • how to work in an optimal time for you and your team,
  • the management of changes in order to achieve the set objectives.

Next, work on yourself and your team members.

We know that nobody is born a manager or a great leader, people become them. With our help, you will learn how to consciously develop your professional potential in the area of management. We show you how to take advantage of the knowledge and skills of your team so that you can use its unlimited potential.

On the fourth day of training, you learn how to:

  • improve your team members,
  • manage yourself.

What will you bring back from the training seminar?

Thanks to our training in Leaders Island,

during the first steps of your management career, you will receive access to the following skills:

  • motivating others in accordance with current behavioural psychologists and renowned research centres;
  • consciously communicate guaranteeing the understanding of your intentions;
  • delegate tasks, skills and competencies, allowing you to achieve increased effectiveness of your team;
  • work in time allowing you to develop the organization, team and yourself;
  • introduce change and realize objectives in a way that helps to achieve the desired results;
  • build the image of a leader which will reflect in the functioning of your team;
  • the ability to conduct difficult discussions while controlling your emotions.

See what participants of our training say

I took part in training for young managers. It was one of the most interesting and most valuable training sessions I have attended. Thanks to it, I opened my eyes to issues which I had not even considered before. I am convinced that implementing the subjects you presented improved the relations in my team and its effectiveness. The team members also noticed this themselves. I also feel that my attitude has been recognised by my superiors as I begin work in a new position in March.

Jakub Rzeszutko

Project Manager

Thank you!
For these four days of interesting meetings, which have allowed me to boldly take steps in the area of management (and not only). I have taken part in several, and perhaps more, training courses. None of them were as interesting, well-prepared and conducted so well. It’s nice to work on myself 😉

’Foundations of a young Leader’ is one of the most interesting trainings I participate till now. I can truly and with great pleasure recommend this training as one of the most inspiring for all young managers being on the start of their journey with people management. But what is even more important I can also recommend this training for all who aspirate to become a manager. Jozef is great teacher and in clear and transparent way is taking you through knowledge which is obvious but very seldom used by managers on any phase of their professional road. Being part of this training makes me more conscious of aspects which are real base to become good and effective manager. Personally if I could I would repeat again this training after some time to verify this knowledge and more deeply & consciously interact with trainer and his own experience. Besides of all I recommend this training because of its climate and examples taken from life but shared in such way that you will never forget them. My advise would be to direct this training also to managers with long period on manager position as many of aspects touched on this training is very often not known or clearly neglected by senior stuff.

Lots of interesting information, a fast speed without dragging anything for too long, many subjects which I would like to read more about.

The trainer has practical experience. The training materials, exercises and group work lead to the essence of subjects and allow conclusions to be drawn.

The opportunity to explore selected subjects. The trainer does not avoid any answers.

A genuine trainer, practice in being a manager, well-prepared content.

Training materials, unconventional approach to presenting content, the engagement of the trainer, theory based on real examples.

Suitable proportions of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. No information overload which allows the training to be remembered better.

I have never attended such a well-prepared training course.

All the materials were covered during the training.

What I liked the most is that I began to pay attention to things which were of little or no significance to me earlier.

The training is conducted by a person who is a manager herself, thanks to which she is able to transfer actual knowledge and not just theory.

Very well prepared, theory intertwines with many exercises, lots of practical and real tips, great materials.

Interesting training based on discussion and analysis.

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