The foundations of a young leader (Polish Edition)

The foundations
of a young leader (Polish Edition)

Team Manager workshop

Learn to manage a team to Lead them to success.

18-19, 25-26 September 2023 / Kraków / Poland

4223 PLN + 23 % VAT


Description of the training seminar for a beginner leader or manager

We know that nobody is born a leader, but becomes one. Utilize the experience of mentors who are or once were in the place you are looking to be in.

Every specialist, even an outstanding one, after being promoted to his or her first leader position, has to build his or her competences virtually from scratch. In spite of that, some become efficient leaders. They reach for ambitious goals with their teams, regularly achieve them, and, what’s equally important, keep personnel turnover low. We think that this a goal worth going for.

Our experience at Leaders Island shows that the most efficient form of supporting beginner leaders and managers is to hook them up with mentors who are or once were in their place.

This is why, during the Foundation of a Beginner Leader seminar, we will provide you with practical leadership experience in the form of our model: Leading a Winning Team.

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Depending on the edition, the training seminar will be hosted by:

Let’s get to know each other…
Józef Kącki

Can you, after graduating from a leading technical university, follow a path other than engineering? My story shows that education is just the beginning of the road…

I built my managerial skills, and later my leadership skills, based on training, MBA studies and the tips of mentors. However, above all, I reflected on daily challenges, successes and failures.
I gained experience during 10 years in the IT industry, leading PM, marketing and professional services departments. I was a managing director of the first company listed on New Connect.

Jozef Kącki – Founder & CEO – Leaders Island
Jozef Kącki – Founder & CEO – Leaders Island
Jozef Kącki – Founder & CEO – Leaders Island
Jozef Kącki – Founder & CEO – Leaders Island
Meet Józef Kącki!

Let’s get to know each other…
Dawid Ostręga

I am not a trainer, a “coach” nor a theorist. I am a specialist in building teams, which I have proven in many places and various fields. I have managed in such firms as EPAM System, IBM, SolarWinds and SKK. I have set up from scratch four software development centres in Krakow.

For 20 years, I obtained experience outside Poland with the intention of bringing it back. After graduating in London, I didn’t want to be seen as just an IT engineer. I wanted to widen my personal horizons and show a wide range of managerial skills. To do this, I accepted a scholarship to Wesley College in the USA to do an MBA.

Dawid Ostręga - mentor Leaders Island
Dawid Ostręga - mentor Leaders Island
Dawid Ostręga - mentor Leaders Island
Dawid Ostręga - mentor Leaders Island
Meet Dawid Ostręga!

The form of the training seminar, or what’s waiting for you

For you, this training seminar will be a four-day journey from doubts, repeated errors, and misunderstandings to efficient actions based on your personal performance as a leader, built on solid foundations.

We have designed the program to cover eighteen steps that form a logical, cause-and-effect process of building a team you have just taken over. For us, this journey is a pretext to discuss key skills and organize the knowledge we provide in an engaging manner. Our intention is to take away the magical halo that surrounds the skills of a leader. Instead, we show good leadership practices as a sequence of actions, which, when taken at the right intervals, result in continued efficiency of a leader.

The schedule of the program is two days, a break of about a week, two more days. This form allows for assimilating knowledge in a better way.

Day 1
The program starts with placing emphasis on the key role of self-reflection at the personal level and on the role you play as a leader in specific business surroundings: in the team and in the organization. We discuss the mechanisms of building team spirit on the basis of team goals and individual goals, as well as the resulting consequences.

Day 2
Building on the reflections from day one, we explore the forms in which a leader may proactively affect team dynamics. We discuss team roles, monitoring progress, and the optimal style of working with a team. We ponder over how to strengthen the people we work with through everyday interactions, communication, and delegation.

Szkolenie dla początkującego menedżera, początkującego lidera "Fundament początkującego lidera" - grafika oferty szkolenia
Szkolenie dla początkującego menedżera, początkującego lidera "Fundament początkującego lidera" - grafika oferty szkolenia

Day 3
Having developed an awareness of the correct attitude in leaders and having provided them with experience in terms of building a structurally well-prepared team, we refer to the actions that constantly fuel the team with energy, so that it can keep winning. We will also show you how not to get lost in a multitude of the actions taken.

Day 4
The last day of the training seminar focuses on the elements that determine your efficiency in working with a team in the long run. We will conclude with a retrospection at the level of knowledge and, more importantly, the experience shared by the mentor—in a form that will allow you to safely implement them in everyday work.

Szkolenie dla początkującego menedżera, początkującego lidera "Fundament początkującego lidera" - grafika oferty szkolenia

What will you bring back from the training seminar?

Thanks to this training seminar at Leaders Island, you will get—already at the first steps of your leadership career—access to the following competences, as defined in our model of Leading a Winning Team.


  1. You will learn how to build your self-awareness and develop yourself, so that you are able to respond to the requirements of your surroundings.
  2. You will learn about psychological mechanisms that will elevate the cooperation between you and your team to a much higher level.
  3. You will learn how to efficiently include every team member in team operations.


  1. You will learn how to make the team focus on the goal.
  2. You will learn how to achieve repeatable success with your teams.
  3. You will learn techniques in terms of delegating tasks, diagnosing team members, monitoring changes, and evaluating the people you work with.


  1. You will learn key processes that will support you in achieving your goals as a leader.
  2. You will learn efficient methods of maintaining engagement in a team and unleashing motivation in team members.
  3. You will learn to efficiently manage changes, strengthen the team, and develop the people you work with.

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Time and place:
18-19, 25-26 September 2023 Kraków (4 days)
4223 PLN + 23% VAT

See what participants of our training say

Jakub Rzeszutko - Project Manager

I took part in training for young managers. It was one of the most interesting and most valuable training sessions I have attended. Thanks to it, I opened my eyes to issues which I had not even considered before. I am convinced that implementing the subjects you presented improved the relations in my team and its effectiveness. The team members also noticed this themselves. I also feel that my attitude has been recognised by my superiors as I begin work in a new position in March.

Jakub Rzeszutko

Project Manager

Agnieszka Więckowska - V-ce President Sales and Support Department

Thank you!
For these four days of interesting meetings, which have allowed me to boldly take steps in the area of management (and not only). I have taken part in several, and perhaps more, training courses. None of them were as interesting, well-prepared and conducted so well. It’s nice to work on myself 😉

Tomasz Śliwiński - GSM Product Line Purchasing Leader

Foundations of a young manager’ is one of the most interesting trainings I participate till now. I can truly and with great pleasure recommend this training as one of the most inspiring for all young managers being on the start of their journey with people management. But what is even more important I can also recommend this training for all who aspirate to become a manager. Jozef is great teacher and in clear and transparent way is taking you through knowledge which is obvious but very seldom used by managers on any phase of their professional road. Being part of this training makes me more conscious of aspects which are real base to become good and effective manager. Personally if I could I would repeat again this training after some time to verify this knowledge and more deeply & consciously interact with trainer and his own experience. Besides of all I recommend this training because of its climate and examples taken from life but shared in such way that you will never forget them. My advise would be to direct this training also to managers with long period on manager position as many of aspects touched on this training is very often not known or clearly neglected by senior stuff.

A genuine trainer who knows the reality in which we work. Subjects according to my needs.

All the materials were covered during the training.

What I liked the most is that I began to pay attention to things which were of little or no significance to me earlier.

The training is conducted by a person who is a manager herself, thanks to which she is able to transfer actual knowledge and not just theory.

Lots of interesting information, a fast speed without dragging anything for too long, many subjects which I would like to read more about.

Very well prepared, theory intertwines with many exercises, lots of practical and real tips, great materials.

Interesting training based on discussion and analysis.

The opportunity to explore selected subjects. The trainer does not avoid any answers.

Suitable proportions of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. No information overload which allows the training to be remembered better.

Training materials, unconventional approach to presenting content, the engagement of the trainer, theory based on real examples.

The trainer has practical experience. The training materials, exercises and group work lead to the essence of subjects and allow conclusions to be drawn.

It is important that the trainer has practical experience and is able to relate topics to real situations.

A genuine trainer, practice in being a manager, well-prepared content.

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