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The Foundations of a Young Leader

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Fundament Początkującego Lidera  szkolenie
Fundament Początkującego Lidera  - najbiższe szkolenia

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Learn to manage a team to lead them to success.
9-10, 16-17 September 2024 / Krakow (4 days)
EN 3-4 i 10-11 October 2024 / Online
17-18 i 24-25 October 2024 / Krakow (4 days)
28-29 November i 5-6 December 2024 / Krakow (4 days)
4645 PLN + 23% VAT

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Fundament Początkującego Lidera  szkolenie

Training’s description

The Foundations of a Young Leader is a team management training for leaders and managers who are starting their careers in a new role.

Become a leader

We know that no one is born a leader, but you can surely become one. Every specialist, even an outstanding one, after being promoted to their first leadership position, builds his/her competences practically from scratch.

Get inspired

At Leaders Island, we believe that the most effective support for new leaders and managers is to connect them with experienced mentors who have already walked the same path.


During the training, mentors share good practices developed during many years of work as leaders, and also provide reliable, and scientifically-verified knowledge.

By joining the training, you will learn how to build a leader’s authority and self-confidence in a new role, as well as gain competences in the fields of: self-awareness, self- and team management, delegating tasks, motivating employees and many other topics included in the Leading a Winning Team leadership competency model.

Leading a Winning Team

The “Foundations of a Young Leader” is a program developed based on our own model of leadership competences, called “Leading a Winning Team”.


This model is a synthesis of the extensive managerial experience of practitioners cooperating with Leaders Island and conclusions coming from many years of research on factors influencing leadership effectiveness.


Competences in this model are grouped into three key areas of leader activity (Leading, Winning, Team) and three perspectives in which each leader operates (Myself, Team, Organization). The combination of these two contexts creates a transparent model of competencies and skills, which facilitates the effective development of a leader and their career.
Leading a Winning Team


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What are the take outs from “leading a team” training?

Solid foundations

This training program was designed to prepare its participants for taking action coming from personal leadership effectiveness built on solid foundations.

Reliable knowledge

The training was designed as a process arranged in the formula: 2 days + 2 days, with a short time interval between the units. This is the most optimal division, thanks to which participants have space to absorb the acquired knowledge and find references to their professional experience.

Key skills

During our 4-day journey, we will go through several steps that constitute a logical and cause-and-effect process of building a winning team. Such a trip is a starting point for us to discuss key skills of a leader and arrange the knowledge provided in an engaging way.

Leadership effectiveness

It is our intention to strip off the leader's workshop of its mystery. Instead, we show good leadership practices as a sequence of actions that, when undertaken with the appropriate frequency, are responsible for the leader's repeatable effectiveness.

Training program
- contents

What others think about this training

The workshop for managers, who want to develop their communication skills.

Read recommendations of dozens of satisfied specialists.

Meet this training’s mentors

Depending on the edition, the training is conducted by:


I have dedicated over 2,300 hours to people management


1500 pracowników liczy zbudowana przeze mnie największa firma ITO w Polsce


Kierowane przeze mnie działy (Delivery i HR) liczą 220 osób


Ponad 200 audycji radiowych “W Pełni Dźwięków” wciąż żyje gdzieś tam, w Internecie

We support leaders, outside of the training classroom,
as well.

The mission of Leaders Island is to share good leadership practices. We want to support leaders also after our training sessiona, which is why each participant receives The Light Book from us (link). It is a collection of 52 essays written by outstanding leaders from around the world and a unique tool that encourages reflection on issues important to leaders, helping them to follow the path of growth and conscious leadership.
Podcast Leaders Island - Z warsztatu lidera

We also invite you to listen to the podcast “FROM THE LEADER’S WORKSHOP” and take the advantage of good practices and knowledge of experienced leaders.

We have prepared a series for emerging leaders, in which you can learn about the leadership career development of the invited practitioners.

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4645 PLN +23% VAT
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