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Below The Waterline

Leaders often focus almost entirely on management areas: creating an effective operating plan and managing people’s time and effort. However, many leaders are not aware of a different dimension: a world John calls ‘Below the Waterline’, where all the human interactions, emotions and opinions happen. Moving smoothly between the two worlds is what makes great…

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You Can Create a Masterful Team

Yes, I want my friends to see this video! Winning the championchip in American Football, building the world’s best scout troop as well as gaining extraordinary results in business – all is a process, step sequence, which you have to make as a manager. Dawid Ostrega will tell you what does the team building fiercely

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The True Test of Leadership

John’s speech concerns itself with managing in a crisis. When times are stable and business is booming, most leaders manage to look good. The true test of a great leader is when crisis hits.

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The truths on building a successful business

Starting a business is easy but keeping it going and growing it is tough and not without its many challenges. Jerzy talk about the ten truths of successfully growing businesses based on his 35 year experience working both in the UK and internationally. He concluded to say take pride in what you do, always believe…

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How can you do what you do?

Szymon Niemczura – CEO of tells you the story of a managerial challenge which was the rapid change in the scale of business activity. He knows about this like few others: within just 3 years, he developed, a start-up, into the leader of the innovative branch of smart hardware and serves 15,000 clients…

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It’s all about responsibility

Dariusz Marzec talks about how events which didn’t seem to be connected with each other combined in a totally logical path to lead him to where he is today. He speaks about what he took out of sport into business and how seemingly separate experiences created a synergic whole when he applied for the position…

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