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Presenting Data Through Story (English Edition)

Learn how to use storytelling techniques to make your data presentations more engaging and memorable.

Join a follow-up workshop for those who attended Powerful Public Speaking

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Learn how to use storytelling techniques to make your data presentations more engaging and memorable.

There is no story in data, right? WRONG!

This workshop is designed for those who want to learn how to present data in an engaging and persuasive way. 

We will debunk the myth that there is no story in data. Contrary to popular belief, data is more than just numbers and statistics; it’s a powerful tool for storytelling.

We’ll explore how data can reveal hidden narratives and provide insights that shape our understanding.

This workshop will challenge your assumptions and show you how to unlock the power of data storytelling.

So, join us as we prove that there is, in fact, a compelling story in every data set, waiting to be uncovered.

During this workshop, Don Allen will provide you with frameworks, tips, and real-life case study to help you present yourself with confidence.

Join our workshop and make your data presentations last in audience memory for a long time.

Let’s get to know each other…
Don Allen

I love helping people and watching them develop and overcoming their (own) negative beliefs.

I have been leading workshops for more than 10,000+ hours. The people I have engaged with have been in school (15+ years old), all the way through to entrepreneurs and people working within the corporate sector.

All these groups of people share the same fears and inhibitions – and I look forward to being a part of your journey as you stare down fear and increase your confidence!

Don Allen
Don Allen szkolenia training
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Our clients:

The form of the training seminar

Show Me The Data!

This workshop will provide you with the tools to deliver successful, data-driven, presentations.

We will reveal the structure of storytelling and show you, through practice, how to incorporate your data presentation within the framework.

Practice your data presentation and get a feedback!

Throughout the workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to work on your own data presentation project, receive feedback, and engage in interactive discussions and activities.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how to use storytelling to present data in a way that is engaging, memorable, and impactful.

Master you presentation skills!

Leaders Island and Don focus on the practical aspects – it’s all about trying!

We will help you on your journey to master powerful and persuasive communication skills.

During the workshop I will share with you my experience gained in business area, film and theatre industry. I will help you on your journey to powerful and persuasive public speaking.

Don Allen

Thanks to this training course at Leaders Island, you will:

  • Understand the importance and benefits of storytelling. 
  • Learn the key principles of using stories to present data. 
  • Be able to understand your audience needs and tailor your presentation to meet their expectations. 
  • Learn how to gather, organize and analyze your data effectively.
  • Be able to weave your data into a story structure and create a narrative that supports your message
  • Have a chance to practice and receive feedback on your presentation delivery.

Learn how to present data in an engaging way.

Understand the importance and benefits of storytelling.

Practice your data presentation delivery.

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Date and place:
New date soon / Kraków
1650 PLN + 23% VAT


One-2-one with Mentor

If after the training you would like to further refine your newly acquired skills, we suggest an additional meeting:

One-2-one with Mentor

Unleash your full potential and captivate your audience with our bespoke one-to-one presentation and public speaking services. Say goodbye to stress and hello to confident and impactful speeches. Don will provide personalised guidance and feedback to help you deliver a dynamic and memorable performance.

We believe that each client is unique and so should be their presentation. We offer a tailored approach, from body language to voice projection, we will equip you with the skills to communicate with confidence and charisma.

Don’s one-to-one service offers a supportive and encouraging environment, where you can practice and perfect your delivery with ease. He will provide constructive criticism and positive reinforcement to help you grow as a speaker and achieve your goals.

Take your presentation game to the next level and stand out from the crowd with Don’s bespoke one-to-one service. Book your consultation today and start your journey to confident, compelling presentations.


1 hour consultation price: 700 PLN netto.

If you would like to sign up, please send us an email:

See what participants of our training say

Edy Lara - IT Global SIAM Operations Manager

Good foundation course to start in the journey of public speaking with the help of experienced trainers and friendly materials.

Mateusz Hoffman - Innovation Delivery Lead at IT Innovation Accelerator

Great Training! David’s experience in business / corporate helped to relate with some examples and really leave with practical takeway. Don’s confidence, actor skills and great presence make those two perfect setup – like Ying &Yang.

Roman Klin - Technology Scouting Lead at IT Innovation Accelerator

That was a pleasure to participate in the workshop. It was great organized since the very beginning to the last minute. I strongly recommend it!

Bartłomiej Kapuśniak - Global IS Domain Architect for IaaS, Compute & Storage

For being Great Team which build AWESOME Public Speakers.

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